Monday, December 2, 2013

News from my Brother volume 3

I have 6 months! wow time flies by fast. thanks you all for your love and support and happy thanks giving. i really want pumpkin pie and eggnog. our p day ended at 2 on monday because of the temple trip on wednesday and a thanksgiving thing for all the zones on thursday. our day wasn't too great because my comp was really upset about it. tuesday morning we were called to the office to have an interview with the president. i wasn't nervous until i told the pres something about my comp i thought he already knew. i was a little worried about it but then at the end i found out all was fine. my comp is now only going to recieve half his money at the start of the month and then the other half halfway through the month. wednesday we had the temple trip and i love the new movie. i was so happy that i could understand it all in spanish. thursdays activity was fun and i got to talk to all my buddies from the ccm again. friday was ok. we had a leader come and teach us a bit to inspire us which was good. saturday we found 2 new families to teach and had 6 lessons. and yesterday we had an attendance of 110 people. yay. thanks for your love and support hope all is well and i will writes you next week.