Monday, February 25, 2013

New Beginnings

I don't think Spunky even noticed, but her post yesterday was our 100th Blog Post!!! YAY!!!

On January 21st, 2013 I was challenged, by my mom - a personal trainer - to go off sugar for 30 days. I was allowed to keep fruit and fiber one cereal (which I only had a couple times anyway, I'm not a big fan of cereal). I can honestly say I did not complete the 30 days of no sugar. What I accomplished was much better.

My Mom, and everyone close to me, knows I'm stubborn. Sometimes to stubborn for my own good. Other times, it's a great thing. I do VERY well when challenged. I love proving I can do something when people say I can't. Hence; the reason I played football on an all boys team. No one told me I couldn't do the 30 days. But it was still a challenge. I RISE to challenges and overcome them. I LOVE IT! Hello! My Mom challenged me to a half marathon! Crazy woman... and I did it! AND!!! I'm planning on doing another one! Oi, what did she do to me? (love ya, Mom ;) )

So, I was challenged to 30 days of no sugar. I made it so much more then that. I instantly started eating better. I started working out daily. I eliminated sugar from my diet. I didn't weigh myself once!

Now. Although I can not say I went 30 days without sugar. I can say I rose to my mothers challenge. I explained to her my few little purposeful tests I gave myself and she answered back with enthusiasm  happiness, and excitement. She told me I had accomplished what she wanted me to accomplish during the challenge. I am no longer addicted to sugar! I still enjoy it. Last night for example I shared a package of Reeses Sticks with The Hubs and had a few M&M's. I learned that there is such a thing as too much sugar! Valentines day I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls and after eating only two, I was feeling gross and sick! During Christmas I ate 5 cinnamon rolls easily! And still wanted more! So, no. I didn't accomplish the 30 days of no sugar. I destroyed it!

The 30 days are up and I weighed myself. I was distraught and what the scale said. I hadn't lost anything. I gained. It took me a while to wrap my head around it, but then I measured myself. In 30 days, I lost a total of 9.25 inches all over my body! My waist is now 29.75 inches! I lost an inch off my hips/butt! I may not have lost weight on the scale, but my replaced fat with a lot of muscle. I took progress pictures, but I will not post them. I'm in a sports bra and underwear and that is very personal for me. You will never see me in that so don't ask for it. Only my hubby gets to see that.

The LEAST you will ever see is tank top and shorts. :P So there.

However! Do you all remember this picture?

Well, here is me, on Febuary 22. Three days into my SECOND 30 day challenge.

This was right after my workout. So I'm sweating and not wearing any make up. Deal with it, hah. :D

It's a different angle, the lighting is better, but that muscle in my arm is NICE!!! It's so much easier to see then it was "halfway". My right bicep (which is what you're looking at) was 12.5 inches before the challenge. After the challenge it is now 11.75 inches, WITH definition.

I'm currently done with 4/100 miles that Spunky and I are doing. I was planning on running 1 mile without walking on Saturday but I caught a quick cold and felt awful. I'm good now, so I'll be working out hard again today. Now, 1 mile may not seem like a lot, especially because a few months ago I completed a half marathon and had my LONG training runs... But I was injured during my marathon. My hip has needed time to recover and strengthen. Every time I think about running or step onto my treadmill to run (it's to cold outside to run right now) I get scared. Wondering if that pain is going to creep back in. I said earlier I have plans to run another half marathon and I do. I don't know when though because it all depends on my hip. I'm taking it slow to ensure no more injuries. 

As for my second 30 day Challenge. I'm currently on day 5. My rest days are Sundays and on Saturday I wasn't feeling the greatest, but other then that I have worked out everyday. Which means three days, haha. But I did workout everyday last week. I plan on doing the same. I will be working out everyday. Still focusing on eating better and keeping sugar out of my diet minus treat nights or dates. They are now a rarity. I'll be measuring myself after thirty days, and taking progress pictures appropriate to post on here for you to see on day 15 and day 30.

Oh and... I have a surprise for you tomorrow! 
So check back in and see what it is! Have a great day!

Are you challenging yourself?

Until Next Time!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

5.6 Miles/100

I am so happy for myself! Yesterday, I went 2.6 miles in 50 minutes (that is less than 20min/mile). Yes, I know that is crazy slow, but for me and my injury it is awesome! Also, I jogged (at my walking speed) for 7 minutes straight the first time. Then, I took a 10 minute walk, and jogged (at walking speed) for the last half mile!!! Yes, I jogged half a mile without stopping!

You may be thinking, why jog at a walking pace? Well, let me tell you that when you jog you use different muscles than when you walk. Also, jogging gets my heart rate into the fat burning zone and I need to be in that zone. Walking doesn't get me there.

I've done 5.6 of my 100 miles so far. This week I plan on walk/jogging two miles per day M-F, and doing the same 2.6 again on Saturday.

Eventually, my goal is to walk the first half mile, jog for a mile, then walk the last half mile. Eventually. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013


So, I've been feeling dizzy the last few weeks and it is scary! I came to the realization this morning that I need to change and fast! I want to be healthy and this makes it real that my body is not healthy. Anyway, today I start again.

What I want to accomplish:
 * walk/jog 2 miles or more, 6 days a week
 * drink 2 or 3 fills of my water bottle (3 cups each)
 * prohibit sugar

How I will do this:
 * Make walking the priority (even if it is late at night and I am tired)
 * drink one bottle full before lunch, one after, and one during my walk
 * Came up with this plan today. I will put $10 into savings every week that I do not consume sugar. The first time that I do have sugar, I'll take whatever amount is in the account and spend it. Wouldn't it be cool to go 10 weeks or more? I'd have at least $100 to spend! AND I'll pay myself $2 for every pound I lose.

Anyway, gotta do what ya gotta do!

What about you?

Monday, February 18, 2013

3 Down

So far I have walked 3 of the 100 miles I plan to walk by May 19th.

My plan: I will walk down the lane and back (1 mile) each weekday. On Saturdays, I'll walk 2-3 miles.

You gonna join me?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

14 week Goals

Ok, so I'm not making any promises to post regularly, but I will say that I will try. I'm dealing with some personal things and those come first. I love blogging and writing about my journey, so we will see what I can do.

In the meantime, Spicy and I are going to be seeing each other and our entire family in 14 weeks! I have two goals. The first is a MUST. I plan to walk and/or jog 100 miles before then. The second, would be awesome, but I'm not going to stress out about hitting it. That would be to get into "one"derland!

Wish me luck, walk with me! Spicy is!

Monday, February 4, 2013


I wish the title of this post meant I was halfway done with my weight loss, but it doesn't. I honestly have no idea what I weigh right now. I still have two weeks until I can weigh in. I made a promise/I was challenged and I will not break that promise and I am a sucker for a challenge. Haha.

No, this halfway title is about the fact that I have gone two weeks without sugar (not including fruit) and I have two weeks left! I have been eating mostly fruits & veggies the past two weeks. Last week I did not miss a day of working out and the first week I only missed one!

I took a few measurements on Saturday morning, and I have lost some inch-wise, but you'll have to wait for the final results in two weeks. I will post this picture though...

I discovered that little baby last week! I know it's not much, and the lighting is terrible and I could go on and on about the things I need to work on, but I have a LINE! I have the smallest amount of definition and I am SO over the moon proud about it! :D Just don't look at my left arm, there isn't a line, ugh. I work them the same, but I am right handed so it will take a while for my left to look like my right.

That little line gave me so much hope and my measurements on Saturday gave me a major boost and I nearly killed myself with the crazy workout I did. I'm excited for another crazy workout today. :)

I apologize on behalf of Spunky. I don't know when or if she is coming back. I miss her, I'm sure you do too. She is focusing on personal stuff right now and also tweaked her ankle so she is waiting for that to heal. Her and I both have bad ankles. Here's to hoping she will be back soon! :D 
Love ya Sis!

Until Next Time!