Monday, February 4, 2013


I wish the title of this post meant I was halfway done with my weight loss, but it doesn't. I honestly have no idea what I weigh right now. I still have two weeks until I can weigh in. I made a promise/I was challenged and I will not break that promise and I am a sucker for a challenge. Haha.

No, this halfway title is about the fact that I have gone two weeks without sugar (not including fruit) and I have two weeks left! I have been eating mostly fruits & veggies the past two weeks. Last week I did not miss a day of working out and the first week I only missed one!

I took a few measurements on Saturday morning, and I have lost some inch-wise, but you'll have to wait for the final results in two weeks. I will post this picture though...

I discovered that little baby last week! I know it's not much, and the lighting is terrible and I could go on and on about the things I need to work on, but I have a LINE! I have the smallest amount of definition and I am SO over the moon proud about it! :D Just don't look at my left arm, there isn't a line, ugh. I work them the same, but I am right handed so it will take a while for my left to look like my right.

That little line gave me so much hope and my measurements on Saturday gave me a major boost and I nearly killed myself with the crazy workout I did. I'm excited for another crazy workout today. :)

I apologize on behalf of Spunky. I don't know when or if she is coming back. I miss her, I'm sure you do too. She is focusing on personal stuff right now and also tweaked her ankle so she is waiting for that to heal. Her and I both have bad ankles. Here's to hoping she will be back soon! :D 
Love ya Sis!

Until Next Time!

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  1. I'm so happy for you, sis! I will be back. I enjoy blogging. I just have to take some personal time, as you said, right now. But don't worry. I'll be back. :) As I typed that, I thought it in the Terminator voice! Haha!