Monday, September 3, 2012

Want A Great Running Scripture? Hebrews 12:1-2

Isn't Spunky awesome?! Way to go Spunky!!! You'll be in One-derland in no time! :D Keep it up girl! :D

Today was my long run and I did... 6.34 ish miles in 1:24:37! I was only supposed to run 6.25 so I ran a little over. That is becoming a habit with me, haha. It was great. The first three miles are always SO HARD, it's a total mind game! My Mom called me when I was really close to completing three miles and she talked to me for a while, doing most of the talking, and that kept me distracted. I walked for a bit to let my knees have a break, they were hurting, but it also allowed me to eat some nutrients and drink some water. Then I finished out the last of my run, stopping to walk for only a short while again towards the end, but I ran the last mile strong! And when I stopped, I felt such a huge Runners High, and the scripture Hewbrews 12: 1-2 popped into my head.

 I'll post about Runners High tomorrow, so be sure to check back in!

During last Saturdays run I also got honked at! Not the annoying, "Get out of the road!" or "Hey Hottie!" it was really sweet and made me smile. I was thinking about walking at one point last week and all of a sudden I hear three honks. I look up and a guy driving a truck that was pulling a trailer was giving me the thumbs up! It made me feel awesome! I ran the rest of the way! So next time you see a runner, make sure to honk and wave or give a thumbs up! They're working hard!

I'm thinking I need to change my Spicy Saturday to... a different day. I'm always so busy on Saturday's and I forget to post.

And for a completely different topic...

I'm sure you can see I've been forgetting to post for a while. Darn it. But I'm back and Spunky is still doing a great job with her Measurement Mondays! I didn't post about my run last week, but I ran about 5 1/2 miles with my new Running Sportline Pack and Gu Chomps! The difference in energy levels between not having nutrients and having them is incredible!

I also bought a foam roller and that has made a big difference too with my knees.
Okay, so if your anything like me, you're probably wondering what the heck is a foam roller? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like.

It's a round

... foam...

... roller...

Ya... I bet that really helps. Sorry. You roll out your tight muscles with it. I'll have to get some pics of me doing that up here soon.

Just a weird pic I found on Google Images

Per my Personal Trainers instructions (who is my Mom, isn't that fun? :D ) I had been rolling my calves out, but not very consistently because I didn't have a Foam Roller so I was using whatever I could find around the house that might work. It didn't do my calves or legs any good! Now that I've used the foam roller... it HURTS so good! haha... no really. It hurts. But it gets better and easier and doesn't hurt as bad after a few days.

I have been having some knee pain and (here's something you probably didn't know, I didn't know it until a little while ago) most knee pain isn't from your actual knee! Most people who think they have knee problems--DON'T! Crazy, right? Well, I'm one of them! I have tight muscles in my legs which pull into my knee, causing the pain! So after rolling and icing and sretching, my knee pain was practically gone! Then I had to go and not stretch, ice, or roll the whole weekend plus Thursday and Friday. Dumb me. My knees hurt a bit during my run today.

The Sportline pack I bought specifically for my runs, along with the Gu Chomps. I needed something that wouldn't slide around like crazy, but would allow me to have my hands free, and still carry around water and nutrients. I tried one on at the store and ran up and down the isle a bit and felt it was a great price... and something I really need.

The GU Chomps I have read great reviews about and they aren't very expensive which is a major added bonus. I opened the package up to smell them and they smelled really good. They are good too, which is nice. The first time I ate one, last weekend, I thought they were SUPER sugary, but I've heard most stuff like that is. On today's run, they tasted fabulous! I'll need to buy more before my next long run.

Yup! That's what's been going on here! Again, come back tomorrow to read about Runners High!

Until Next Time!


  1. Very interesting post! And I'm excited to read about runner's high. :)

  2. Hey Spicy! Glad you feel a difference with the Gu Chomps! That added fuel is so important! How often do you eat one of those? What flavor do you like best? Nice job on the long runs - they are hard but only a few more left and then the race - yipee! Then you can just do regular runs a couple times a week. Keep icing (that's your "oil change!" - and stretching and rolling in between and you will be feeling great! LOVE YOU! :)

    1. I definitely do! The Gu Chomps come with 8 little "gu's" in a package. I have been eating 2 little gu's on my runs. One at about 3 miles and the second one I ate around... 5.75 miles. Then I just drink water with it. Each Package says it fuels up to 2 hours. Maybe 2 1/2 I need to get some more to tell you for sure. I have only had the Watermellon kind, it's the only kind sold around where I am, but I'm thinking of ordering some online and getting some other flavors. I really want to try the Blueberry Pomegranate.