Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tips For Tuesday: Runners High

This post isn't much of a tip, but more of... a dose of what you could experience if you started running. Or if you are a runner, what to search for.

I've been running since the end of May. Great time to start I know, right when summer begins.

It wasn't bad though. I started with the C25K program and was really happy with how I progressed, but it wasn't until close to the end that I first reveled in the experience of Runners High.

My mother is the one who got me into this. She is the runner. At 40+ she ran her first ever FULL MARATHON! If you knew mine and Spunky's mom that would be more of a shock to you. If you have ever read the Amelia Bedelia books... then you pretty much know our mom. With an added dose of NO athleticism or hand I coordination or anything... she is really fun to watch, haha. Love you Mom!

Mind you... she is not a fast runner. Neither am I. She actually has a car decal on her back window of a turtle and underneath that it says, "I AM RUNNING!" It made me crack up laughing the first time I saw that.

Anyway, my mom would always talk about runners high when I was still living with her. She loved it. Running is what she lived for, or at least it seemed that way sometimes. Especially Runners High.

The first time I felt Runners High i was running along a highway near our house and I suddenly felt really embarrassed. My butt was bouncing... big time. It bounced with every step (still does by the way) and it was making me feel horrible. Then a thought came into my head.

"You know what? WHO CARES! I'm doing something about it! I'm out here running!"

I nearly started crying after that thought.

Runners High is a feeling of pure elation. I experienced it again after my 6.34 mile run. Not as big as that first time, but it was enough to bring me to tears. God Blessed The Broken Road by Rascall Flats came on at the very end of my run, just when I was about to stop at 6.25 miles, but I couldn't stop there! This song was telling me my story! Plus, I was running back toward my house and I felt an overwhelming feeling of love for my husband as well as I ran closer and closer to him. I sprinted from the beginning of that song until I stopped at 6.34 miles (before the song ended) with tears of joy and amazement about to run down my face.

I came from not even being able to run half a mile to 6.34 miles! Soon to be 7.75 miles on Saturday!

That is Runners High. It is pure joy, elation, pride, the feeling of power, and amazement. At least that is what it is for me.

I am so blessed to be able to go out and run, to power myself forward on my own two legs. I am so thankful for that blessing and that I finally found it.

If you run, lift weights, swim, bike, whatever you do... be thankful and know you are blessed to be able to do it! Find that high you get from your workout, running isn't the only way to feel that.

So go find it!

Until Next Time!

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  1. Runners high - oh yeah! Love what you said about finding it during something you love to do. So true! Yep - Amelia Bedilia - love that sereis! I can SO relate! I had to work VERY HARD to learn to run well and far. So who cares if I am not fast? I just beat everyone who never got off the couch to run a marathon - and all those that started training for one and never made it to the start or finish line! I did it! Oh yeah! (Got that advice from a well-respected world-class runner!) Keep up the fantastic work Spicy! Can't wait to run with you! :)
    Love you -
    Mom :)