Monday, September 3, 2012

Measurement Monday 9/3/2012

I told you I would be under 210 today and.....I am! Whew! 209.4 today. That is 2.4 pounds this week WITH pizza night and eating out at a Mexican place! Sweet! I know I'm not back to my lowest but I am so happy about the loss this week!

Next week, I don't have a number in mind, just a loss. Check back in to find out!

I know it is the first Monday of the month and I'm supposed to measure....but since I haven't lost from the beginning of August, I won't measure today. October is next and my birthday is the first week!


  1. Lol, hey spunky... you got the date wrong. 9-2-2012 was Sunday. :P But other then that... GREAT JOB!!! :D I'm so proud of you!

  2. YAY! Whatever you did...keep doing it! Congrats! And btw, I really like the look of the blog! And all the tabs! Awesome!

  3. YEAH SPUNKY!!! Nice job! I heard those pitter-patter feet walking/jogging around at 5 AM - before work. WOW! That's early - and yet you managed to schedule it in your day. Your efforts paid off! And your health is benefitting too. Keep up the terrific dedication to your health and goals!!

    Love you!
    Mom :