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Hi! I'm the Spunky Sis! I don't write as well as Spicy does, but I hope you will still enjoy my journey. I am on a journey to health and fitness. I want my outside to match my personality (inside). I'm looking forward to my first major goal: 199! (Should be within the next two weeks)

I'm only 5'1" (and I love that by the way). My heaviest weight was 236! *Gulp* I know, right?! Well, I'm on my way to sub 130. I don't know where I will end up, but I know it will be less than that. Why don't I know where I'll end up? For that, we need to go back to how I got to 236 in the first place. 

I have NEVER been thin! Ever. My family has a history of being overweight, or obese. It's how I grew up. There are times in my life where I was in better shape, but even then, I had room for improvement. As a young child, I loved competitive gymnastics. As a teen, I loved softball and cheerleading! I continued cheerleading in high school. It was during my junior year when I was at the best health of my life and, trust me, I still was overweight.  

In Jr. High, I was kicked in the butt by the boy standing behind me during our graduation ceremony and he called me "fat" names throughout the whole event! One specifically was whale. That day was really hard! In high school, my friends were amazing and so I never really heard it. But in the locker room, I did. I actually would change in a bathroom stall because I was worried about what the mean girls would say. Even this past month, as I was walking in a public place, some jerk who knew he was all that,  called me a "fat b****" as he walked past! He doesn't even know me! How can people be so mean!

After I got married, I had a very bad back injury that put me in bed for two weeks; 8 years later, I still struggle with that injury. That injury lead to my weight gain. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be in the kitchen cooking and baking. Combine my love of food with a physical injury stopping me from being active and BAM! 236! I'm the one in the dark pink.

Enough is Enough and I am determined to win this war! Here I am wearing the same shirt pretty recently. I hope that I can inspire others and provide some ideas and/or recipes that you can use! Thank you for your kind support! See you under 130! 

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  1. Hi Beautiful Spunky Girl! You are a true leader and hopefully this blog will help lead and lift others fighting the same issues to find hope, answers and motivation. Share your story, you star! Hang in there - head high - and when you reach the 130's you can stick your tongue out at all those mean people from before and cheer on the ones fighting inside and real demons. Share your AWESOME recipes too! That will help. Spicy can write - you can cook - together you can share and lift and fly! I love you incredibly - always have - always will - forever and ever. God sent you first to lead and love - so lead away my precious. I am incredibly happy for your successful journey - it does my heart good. You're amazing! Love you!