Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Super Shred - The BIG Results Diet

My Mom - a personal trainer - had a client come to her a while back asking about this book. She replied that she didn't know much about it, but like any good trainer would do she went out and did her research. She read the book, looked over it, then bought an additional copy to send to me. She asked me to look through it and tell her what I thought.

The first time I heard about it... I'll be honest... I rolled my eyes. Another diet book... claiming big results fast. There are plenty of plans out there that say they will give results fast, but they aren't really--healthy. However, I knew my Mom wouldn't send me something unhealthy.

I looked through it and found wonderful things! Dr. Ian Smith obviously had done his research and knows what he is talking about and doing. The more I read, the more I was tempted to try it. He doesn't have you eliminate anything! You still eat all food groups and you're not starving yourself! You are still eating! Dr. Smith has you spread your food throughout the day. Some days you have more meals, some days you have more snacks.

Spreading them out like that and using high/low calorie days is a form of intermittent fasting which has great proven results for loosing and maintaining weight loss.

Also, his meal plan has flexibility! He doesn't have a strict plan. He gives you options for every meal and TONS of options for both 100 and 150 calorie snacks! You can even have frozen yogurt!!!

After talking all this over with my mom/personal trainer I told her I wanted to give it a go. She is also doing it! She had knee surgery a few months back and her doctor said it would be good for her to get as lean as possible to keep as much weight off her knee as she can. She already looks amazing! She just needs to lean out a little more.

I wanted to do it as a jumpstart back into healthy eating. I've been sliding down hill. I do great doing the morning, but between lunch and dinner I have problems and then snacking at night with the Hubs... not good. So I'm rebooting my body with this plan. Plus... if I happen to lose 20 pounds in a month, that would be amazing too! Haha. Even if I only lose 10 pounds, it's still better then the non-moving scale that I've been seeing.

I started the plan yesterday. Week One, Day One is complete! I did it perfectly! Until... night time. :/ I already told myself I would fudge the rules a little for date nights with the Hubs, but I went a little overboard. Not to bad, but still more then I should have. I had a couple bites of "Zebra popcorn" which was great and fine... but then I had more then my fair share of peanut brittle. Ugh! It's okay though. It's just the first day and I still did really good.

Today, Day 2! So far so good! Check out my instagram to see some of what I'm eating. @spicyfrost

Until Next Time!