Friday, September 14, 2012

Sneak Peak

Just wanted to jump in here really fast and say I'll be doing my weigh in days on Thursday. Still don't know what they will be called, but it will be on Thursday.

Also, Tips for Tuesday next week is gonna be a good one and I have a DELICIOUS recipe to share with you next Friday.


at least...

I hope it will be delicious. I'll be making it this weekend.

Don't forget! Spunky will be making her Measurement Monday appearance on ... well... Monday!

Who's excited about her post?

I AM!!!!

I may or may not have time to post about my 7.75 mile run tomorrow! We are having family over and family ALWAYS comes first.

Just a quick update though... I haven't run in almost two weeks due to shin splints, eeeww, but they're gone now so I'm running! I know I'll be a lot more tired then usual tomorrow after the run due to not running in two weeks, but that's not stopping me! I only have three long runs left so I can NOT skip!

Next Saturday I will be running 8.5 and my last run will be 9.5. Or at least, that's my plan. I still need to talk it over with my coach (aka my mom). I was wanting to make it to 10 miles before the race, but after talking with my Personal Trainer (aka my mom) she told me I really shouldn't do a long run the weekend before the race so... I'm not gunna. I'll stick to 2-3 miles the week of the race and probably three 5 mile runs the week before.We will see. I can't believe it's getting so close!

Countdown Until First Half Marathon!
T - 29 Days!

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