Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Update From My Phone

Okay, I know it's been a long time. Sorry about that. Lots has been going on and I promise to do a few catch up posts. Bear with me while I do those and write my life away. I'm having some mental breakdowns and breakthroughs and they are big. I'm excited to have blogger on my phone so I can type out a quick thought when I need to. It will be encouraging when I'm in a rut. I can just hop on here and tell you all about how miserable I am and then I'll feel better! Haha. Seriously though. It's about to get uber personal up in here. ;) Well...  As personal as I get. :P

Lately the struggle has been all about food. I do great until after lunch. For some odd,  annoying reason my mind thinks it's my reward/dessert/punishment time and all I want is candy or dry cereal (like fruit loop cereal,  not the good cereal) or) LW's gold fish (I always feel bad about that one)... So that needs to stop. Anyway... I'll keep you posted!
Until Next Time!

November 6th

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