Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Have you ever had the Luna Protein Bars? LOVE THEM!!! I tried one for the first time today. I get the car once a week so I can run errands and go shopping, which also means I have to drop the hubs off at work... which also means, waking LW up early, making the hubs breakfast, and rushing out the door. I'm sure you noticed something there... making the hubs breakfast... not me... not LW. The moment we get to Walmart I pull out the bottle and LW gets fed... then I'm just walking around with him in the cart while he is drinking his breakfast and my stomach decides to make itself known. I swear people within a ten foot radius could hear me... I was HUNGRY! I have read EVERYWHERE that shopping on an empty stomach is not a good idea. So what do I do? I wander over to where they have their protein powder and bars and pick up a Luna Protein Bar, Chocolate Peppermint. Oh, my, OREOS! I thought I was in heaven. I've been off sugar for a few weeks now and the taste of that small amount of chocolate nearly had me to my knees... oh man...Anyway, that little bar did the job. I was able to go about my shopping without buying anything I wasn't supposed to. I did, however, have my ortho apopintment today. (I had braces put on in Feb. 2012) Needless to say... I was in a lot of pain for lunch. I had a protein shake and called it good. I did have one Lasagna Roll Up, but I was in tears by the time I finished eating it. Sad day... I was still hungry though so I sucked on some Cheez-Its.

I was in a lot of pain today so I didn't do the workout I was planning on, but I did still do a little bit.

My weight today is 166.2 lbs. My goal weight is 120 lbs. I have 46 (ish) pounds to go.

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