Monday, May 28, 2012


I've been working on my health and fitness journey since, decidedly, December 2010. Great time to start right? During the holidays? Ugh. Anyway, my biggest reason why I wanted to change my life and health was for my children, then future children. I found out I was pregnant January 2011. We hadn't planned on becoming pregnant for another year, I thought I had time to get in shape before becoming pregnant. That was my goal. It didn't happen. LW was born in September 2011 and I wanted nothing more then to be the "perfect parent". A leading example of health, fitness, happiness, joy, and love. I realized I wasn't that with the weight I was at. So, I started working on it. I'm still working on it. I had the idea to start this blog as a result of reading many other peoples blogs about their journey to health and fitness. The main one that encouraged me to do this was Mama Laughlin's blog. I started reading her blog and realized her and I had our babies really close to the same time(although she has two kids)... and she is more then 20 lbs lighter then I am! I was ticked(at myself), but intrigued. If she could do that, so could I! Why hadn't I done that? Her posts about health, fitness, food, life, and everything in between has helped me a ton and she is the reason I started running. I'v started logging everything I was doing in my own little journal and I realized... her posts have helped me... what if my experiences can help others as well? And that is what I'm doing. 

Please be considerate when you read my posts and about my journey. I started my health and fitness journey at 190lbs. There are some who start higher, there are some who start lower. Each of us have our own journey through this process and each of us, whether we are losing 100 lbs (or more) or 5 lbs... we go through the same things. Maybe, just maybe, this will inspire someone the way my Sister, Spunky, my Mom, and Mama Laughlin have helped inspire me. Even if it only helps one person, than I've done something right. 

Again, please, be considerate and understand this is hard for me, or anyone, to write about. It takes a lot of courage to post about our journeys and pictures of ourselves when we don't feel the greatest about ourselves. Thank you. I hope, in some way, this helps you.

Until Next Time!

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