Monday, October 28, 2013

News from my Brother

Our brother (Spicy and My) is currently in El Salvador serving a mission. He gets to spend half an hour on his missionary email account every Monday! This is when we get to hear from him and how he is doing. I have come to LOVE Mondays! Here is his message from today:

On Monday we played soccer and then wrote then we rested, bought all our stuff fro the week and then rested until our dates (appointments; he often is thinking in Spanish while writing in English). I forgot to write in my journal on Tuesday so i don't remember what happened. Wednesday we had a multi zone meeting where we learned a ton of stuff about how to better work with the members and how to teach using the pamphlets that we are given to use. It was fantastic but really long we didn't get back until 7 at night. Thursday in celebration of my birthday the zone went and bought a cake and soda after the zone meeting. It was fun and we worked pretty well that day. I love living right next to the zone leaders. They have a ping pong set and we play every morning for about an hour with them. so fun. We also had a thing called floutas. They are kind of like an El Salvadorian style calzone. They're not too bad. Friday we didn't do a whole lot. My companion likes to walk or something because he keeps changing to plans to walk 20 minutes from one end of our zone to the other. I don't fight him on it or even talk to him about it because he gets angry and then we don't have the spirit with us. Saturday I fasted with my comp and our mission leader for our investigators I didn't see any benefit from it other than enjoying lunch the next day.W e taught a less active person that says because of the things he has done and seen he feels like he can't go to church. I told him not to worry about that; all is ok in the eyes of God if he wanted the forgiveness.  Then I shared the conversion story of Alma. He said he would go to church but he ended up not going. We only have one progressing investigator and I still have not had any baptisms in my whole mission. What is it that I am doing wrong or that the Lord wishes I learn? Sunday nothing special happened and now I get to write you guys. So happy. Love you all.
We truly love and miss him! We pray for his safety and health unceasingly! We know he is serving the Lord and are so grateful for his example and service in the world. 

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