Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

I remembered where the link up was so we are LINKING UP! :D WOOT!!!

Sweet! :D 

Lets go on with this!

1.) Toddler Giggles. On days where LW makes me want to pull my hair out. When I have mental and emotional break downs. When I am fighting, really really fighting, the urge to scream at him. When he has effectively dissolved every ounce of patience I have left. (all of which happened yesterday) His giggles make everything better. Today is a much better day and I love listening to him giggle. 

3.) A Loving Hubby. I miss my hubby every day when he leaves for work and I can't wait to see him when he comes home. Some days I miss him more then others. Yesterday, with having the bad day that I did have, missing him as much as I did on top of everything else was not helpful. I was so thankful when he came home and was very patient with me as I became more normal. He helped with LW more then usual, did most of the talking throughout dinner while I tried to be happy. We laid LW down, he went right to bed, and instead of finishing our plans of cleaning the hubs let me have a nice shower and then we cuddled and ate popcorn. It was exactly what I needed. Just time with my hubby/best friend. :) I say it often, but it is just as true as the first time I said it. He is the BEST thing that ever happened to me. I love him so much.

I only have two for you today, but I think that is good enough. :) Sadly I didn't do Workout Wednesday yesterday, but from the day I was having, I think I can be excused. I did have a great workout though. Maybe I'll share it with you next week instead, unless I have a different one... or maybe I'll share two! You'll just have to wait and see!

Also, I purposefully didn't update belly stuff this week. I will again next week though. I'll be 34 weeks! Crazy! Check back tomorrow for Five on Friday Link Up! :D

Until Next Time!