Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap Mon 30th

Wow! I can't believe it's the last day of September! Crazy. This month has gone by so fast. Actually this YEAR has gone by really fast. Wow... Anyway!

Nothing too exciting to report about this weekend, except for the fact we moved LW to a new room and a new bed... a toddler bed.

Yay for Cars :)
This bed has actually been up for a couple weeks. He has loved going into the new room and playing in it and on his bed. He even wanted to sleep in it before this weekend. The room wasn't quite ready yet though and neither were the hubs or I, so on Friday this is what I did to LW's old room (the nursery).

I took all his crib bedding out and put it away and replaced it with our baby girls things. (bumpers and sheet made by my sisters and mom and aunt, blanket with tassels made by mom-n-law)

LW didn't have practically any decorations in this room anymore. They were taken down a while ago by either me or him, so all I did was add wall decorations given to me by my sis that I call Sassy. 

LW walked in after I had put the butterflies on the wall and started laughing. It was funny. 

The room is not done yet, I still have quite a few things I want to do in there. A few decorations I need to finish and hang up. I also have a ruffle skirt to put on the crib as well. I'll post pics when the room is all finished.

I LOVE the girl theme of this room! I so needed a girl. Boy stuff is cute and fine, but girls are just SO FUN! I can't wait. Literally... I am so done being pregnant. Haha.

Moving LW to his new room and bed is really the highlight of the weekend. I know some moms are going to hate me for this, but it went great! Friday night we followed his same routine (after keeping him up all day/no nap) which usually goes something like this... Change diaper, get in PJ's, brush teeth (which he loves), read a book, family prayers, get in bed, and lately after LW lays down with all his blankets and stuffed animals he looks up at me and says, "Sing?" So I sing. We did all that, he was great. The hubs and I said Nighty Night and we walked out.

We stared at each other in the hallway after closing his door. He has slept with his door closed for a LONG time now so that wasn't any different. He was totally quiet. The hubs was making jokes about how in five seconds or something he was going to start screaming his head off, while I was going... "stop jinxing it, maybe he will be fine." About a minute later LW did start crying, but not screaming. 

The hubs and I walked into our room and waited with LW knocking on his door asking for "Mommy". Oh, what a heartbreak, but I was determined to do this and would not be swayed. He was doing pretty good so we let him cry it out for about 7 minutes before we walked into his room. We took him back to his bed, tucked him in again, I sang a short version of a long lullaby he loves and we walked out. He immediately started crying when we started walking away and was at the door seconds after we closed it.

I was prepared to do this for a long time if necessary. The hubs and I had agreed that after ten more minutes we would go in again. Five minutes later, LW was quiet. A half hour later the hubs and I were laughing in disbelief. Had it really been that easy?

Well, it had. LW slept the whole night and knocked on the door in the morning when he woke up at 8am. Saturday we went to a book signing to visit and support my sis-n-laws books! She is the author of the Seers Trilogy. It's amazing, just saying. :) We didn't get home until after 8pm, LW usually goes to bed closer to 7pm. He fell asleep in the car and barely budged when we transferred him to his bed. He was awake and asked me to sing so I did, but we walked out without any fuss and he fell straight asleep. 

 Last night wasn't quite as easy, but it was still good. We laid him down, walked out, he cried for maybe a couple minutes, then went quiet... then the hubs had to walk over to his bedroom door and he started crying again, but only for a few minutes then was quiet.

All in all, it is going really well. I look forward to the day when he doesn't follow us to the door after we leave, but I will take what we have over what other people go through any day. :)

Now I know baby girl isn't due to arrive for a while, but we want LW used to his bed before she makes her bebut. She wont be sleeping in her crib right away, but we also don't want him associating "losing his crib" with her. All in all, it's just easier this way and he is obviously ready enough for it.

Now... to try naps today... :S Wish me luck.

Until Next Time!