Monday, October 1, 2012

Measurement Monday 10/1/2012

Happy October everybody!

I am pleased to announce that my weight did not change AT ALL this week. Hubby was out of town, so meals were just me and I had a girls night on Saturday (pizza, chips, cookies, soda, movie)! I am so glad my weight was exactly where I had left it: 207.8.

This week I have to be extra diligent because my birthday is on Friday (we are going out to dinner and Coldstone) and General Conference is this weekend. The tradition is that I make awesome cinnamon rolls (they take a long time to make since they have to rest overnight) and they are amazing!!!

I'll be walking T, TH, and Saturday.


  1. WOW! With a girl's night out - you stayed the same! That shows how great you were the rest of the week - yay! Go Angel! Do the same for your birthday/general conference week and then you can get back on track without going backward first. Nice job Spunky! Keep it up! Love always! Mom :)

  2. Way to go SPUNKY!!! Great job keeping your weight the same! Do your best through your birthday and general conference, but remember to have fun too. You can still have those cinnamon rolls, just maybe one, or maybe a half depending on how big you make them. I'm jealous. I love cinnamon rolls. :P LOVE YOU!!!