Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 2 Log

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but hopefully the last two recipes I posted will make up for it....?!
Day 1

Weigh-in: 216.4 (a 4.4 pound lost from last week)! I'll take it!

Breakfast - a peach and some watermelon
Lunch - Leftovers from Date Night (chicken enchilada cooked with corn tortilla and some orange chicken)
Dinner - No real dinner, just snacking
Snacks - Fritos corn chips, cheetos, sunchips, snow cone (bad day for me) Back on tomorrow!

How I felt: I feel pretty good today. I think it was a good idea to let myself enjoy dinner last night even though I am in the restrictive phase of this new lifestyle. It was good for me mentally (and I controlled it! Huge victory!) and it was good for me nutritionally because I don't think I got the nutrition I needed the few days before. I'm back on today and feeling strong, optimistic, and just trying to stay cool. It is so hot (going to be 109 all week)! I think I'll try a swim class this week.

Day 2
I'm only going to weigh on Wed., Fri., and Sunday for a little while and I am going to post some more pictures.
My TMJ acted up this weekend so I am having a hard time eating well. Fruits and veggies require a lot of chewing.

Breakfast: A pop-tart! Ug. I can't believe it. So lame. Ok, get over it, do better for the rest of the day.
Snack: A few bites of watermelon, water, ibuprofen for my jaw
Lunch: Steamed mixed veggies (steamed very soft), two small turkey sausage patties, three thin slices of mixed cheese.
Dinner: Chicken Tacos
Snack: Junior Mints (we went to the movies).

Day 3
I didn't weigh, didn't go to the gym, and didn't do well with eating. I don't even know what I ate, so there is no log. Lame! I feel terrible having "failed" again! But, I'm not calling this a fail - it is just a bump in the road. I'll get back on the road again and keep on going. I have to trust the process.

Day 4 - Wednesday
I was worried about weighing today due to the date night on Saturday, and the eating on Day 3, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Weighed - 216.2 (down 0.2 from Sunday morning)

Breakfast - Shake with fruit
Snack - water and skinny cow bar
Lunch - Shake with fruit, some frito chips
Dinner -

Can you tell I was on the go today. No gym, but lots of errands.....

Ok, last half of the week was terrible. I didn't update my log and I have no idea what I ate. Man, having a food addiction is so HARD! I didn't believe that was actually a thing until I realized how hard it was to eat well even when I had all the will power and reasoning in the world! Let me tell you, it IS a thing. It is so HARD, but I am determined not to let an addiction (to anything) run and/or ruin my life! Here's to this week! I'll be with Spicy, too! Yipee!!!

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