Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Goals and a little Annoyance

Okay, I'm going to rant about how annoying people are for a minute then get to my weekly goals so if you want to skip this part you can.

Why are people so annoying? Why do they feel like they have to tear anyone down when they are trying to be better? Why does the world see things so unhealthy!?

I've mentioned before I'm not where I wanted to be (health or weight) when I became pregnant again, but I am healthier then I was last time! I am eating better this pregnancy as well and continuing my workouts which were very sporadic during LW's pregnancy. Also, having an OB/GYN who doesn't listen to you or thinks your lying about eating well and working out or thinks your anorexic because you lost 3lbs is stupid.

So here's the deal for the world to see and know. I lost 10 lbs with LW before I started gaining weight. You want to know why? I was fat and when I found out I was pregnant I instantly stopped eating candy/sweets and stopped drinking soda. Guess what my OB/GYN at the time said? "You have the weight to lose and it's good not to consume those things anyway." Ta-da! I didn't gain a single thing until I was close to 28 weeks pregnant and then I gained about 20lbs. People are different! Some people gain weight their entire pregnancy, some don't gain until the second, some don't gain more then 15-20 lbs while others gain 50+ lbs (not recommended or healthy, but I'm making a point). Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different as well!

And guess what?! Whether your pregnant or not, eating healthier will make you lose weight. I'm NOT trying to lose weight, I'm just trying to be HEALTHY! I eat a TON. I'm not on a "diet", I'm just eating healthy. My OB/GYN doesn't know anything about me because she won't spend more then 5 minutes in the same room with me, I'm just a number to her. A patient should feel like a person, not a number.

I'm not thin or have super defined muscles (though I am pretty muscular) so looking at my "cover" and hearing I'm eating healthy and working out may be hard to believe. But I am. The world needs to GET OVER the whole "eating for two" thing about pregnancy. You're NOT eating for two adults, you're eating for yourself and a little TINY baby who needs about 300 calories. Look it up. And getting pregnant doesn't mean it's "fat time" or "gaining weight time" or anything else that this world believes which is really sad. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and it should be just as healthy as life should be.

Our baby girl is healthy with a steady 160 heartbeat. So there. :P

Whew... now onto my goals and a much happier note!

Weekly Goals!!! (July 8 - 14th)

1.) Walk everyday. Walking is easy and a great exercise. It doesn't have to be a fast pace, just have to get up and move. Plus, it gives me a little "me time" while LW just sits back and relaxes in the stroller. May have to do this at night after he goes to sleep though this week... we'll see.

2.) Keep a Food Log. I know food logs can be faked, but mine aren't. Keeping a food log will keep me on track with what I need to be eating for the baby and for myself. Plus, pregnancy makes me super forgetful so I have to be writing down everything anyway, haha.

3. Complete Three Strength Training Sessions. This can be circuit training, weights, intervals... whatever!

4. Have fun with Spunky! I'm way excited that Spunky is going to be staying with us for a couple weeks! We are going to be doing everything together and it's going to be awesome!!! What better motivation to workout and stay on track then being with your sister who is also trying to be healthier? Perfect!

Here's a little update on LW: He's a tyrant. He hits (we are working on that, A LOT). He screams. He's upset about everything no matter what. He has started refusing to say Please, which then I wont give him what he wants which results in a tantrum. Oh well kid, ya gotta learn. Recently he's become a very picky eater and will cry about everything I put in front of him (not putting up with that). Aside from all the things he is doing that are driving me crazy, he also does the most adorable things and is the cutest boy ever. He is talking a lot more, which is really really cute. He loves getting "feel better kisses" and giving them as well. He asks for a hug every now and then. He sings with me when I sing and will sometimes sing on his own with a wide grin. He LOVES anything and everything having to do with cars. He is the cutest little boy ever!!!

And he is so getting potty trained over the next too weeks, haha! Wish us luck!

Until Next Time!

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