Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Am an Addict

Happy Day after Independence Day! Did everyone have a great 4th of July? I had a blast! I woke up and made the Hubs and J-Dawg (his brother) some DELICIOUS cinnamon roll pancakes. Yup, you heard me. Cinnamon Roll PANCAKES! It's exactly what it sounds like. Unfortunately I don't have a picture, and unfortunately I don't have an exact recipe, but I know I'll be making it again soon because not only were the Hubs and J-Dawg's eyes rolling into their heads while their taste buds exploded with awesome sweetness, but mine were too. The smell alone was making my mouth water. When I do make them again, and I will, I will be sure to take pictures and jot down everything I put in it so I can share this delicious non-waist-friendly breakfast. And you know what's the best part? I had three of them! YUM! All of our meals yesterday were fabulous. Spunky and I gave ourselves a free day, but I still tried to real myself in... except for breakfast. I went a little overboard, haha. 

I did however accomplish something I've been working toward, PLUS, another little something.

 Wanna know what it was?

I went running last night after the heat was leaving the day, before the sun was completely gone and my energy with it. And the whole day my body (and my legs especially) were screaming at me for not running in the morning like I usually do. Weird. Anyway, I went running and I ran for 10+ minutes!!! I'm still doing the C25K program and yesterday was week 6 day 2! It only goes to week 9 day 3! Yikes!!! On Friday I'll be running for 25 straight mins! No walking breaks! AHHH! That's crazy. I never thought I would be able to run that long and now look at me? It's an awesome feeling. I broke my run for 10 minutes mile stone! But, I will be breaking a lot more then that in the next couple of weeks. (I'll talk about that in a minute though)

My second accomplishment was... The Hubs ran with me!!! Ah hahahaha. Actually he walked quite a bit... that's how slow my jog is *blushes* and he made fun of me for it... but I'm not going for speed right now! I'm going for distance and good form. That's what's important. I'll work on speed later. And not only did the Hubs run with me, but J-Dawg did too! It was so much fun. At the very end of my running time I had a little bit left to the end of the street and I wanted to make it there.... when all of a sudden I hear thudding footsteps coming up behind me... FAST! I am a really really really competitive person. So much so that sometimes it's a bad thing... oops. Well, in this case... it wasn't. I don't know where I pulled the energy from, but I broke out into a dead sprint. My legs were flying!!! I haven't run that fast in a really really long time! And guess what?

I BEAT J-DAWG!!! Ah-hahahahaha!!!! :D Come to find out he was trying to beat me to the curb, it didn't work! 

Lol, sucker. 

Just kidding.

Sort of...

Anyway, the thing I meant earlier when I said I would be breaking a lot more then that the next couple of weeks, should have said... the next couple of months.  I meant to talk about this sooner, but it slipped my mind. 

I signed up for a half marathon. EEEPS!!!! :S 

Save me....

Remember how I told my mom she was crazy for running a marathon and then she challenged me to a half? Well... she kept up on that. I'm scheduled to run my first 1/2 Marathon on October 6th... which gives me BARELY enough time to train for it. She is a personal trainer and teaches a whole class on Marathon running so I trust her when she says I'll have enough time. 

But seriously... YIPES! What have I gotten myself into?

In all honesty though. I'm excited. I'm scared... I've never ran more then a 5k, but I know having something to push toward will give me even more motivation to run. I'm already positive I'm not going to stop running, I like it to much. I can't believe I just said that. And I already wanted to run a 5K again and do my first 10k... the next step is a 1/2 marathon, right? I think I'm an addict to running. I am excited. It's gonna be a challenge and we all know I love a good challenge. :)

I am also an addict to OATMEAL!!! Yum. This is what I had for breakfast this morning while the boys were having their delicious cinnamon roll pancakes.

My lovely cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk, and a 1 serving trifle of Blueberry Lime Oatmeal. YUM! And it's exactly what it sounds like. 1 Serving of oatmeal, 1/4 cup blueberries, lime juice to taste. YUM! :D 

I've decided I like Unsweetened Almond Milk better then our usual 1% Milk for many reasons, but the one I'm thinking of now is... I just drank a cup of that stuff and I know, in thirty minutes, my stomach wont be screaming at me for it. I'm starting to realize I may be a little lactose intolerant. Hmmm. Whatev's! :D

Have a great day ya'll!!!
Until Next Time,

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  1. Hopefully one day, I'll be a run addict also. Then, we can go running together!