Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spicy Saturday: Two In One

Today I woke up early so I could go for my first, fourth run of the week. Usually I just run three times, but I wanted to start running four, partly because on Saturday I actually have time to run longer. I was very happy to get out of the house and breath the refreshing morning air for three miles! I walked for half a mile, rand for two, and walked for half a mile again. Yesterday I ran 1.9 miles in 25ish minutes. I wanted to run 2 miles today. I like challenging myself. Well, I did! I ran 2 miles! But not only did I run them I beat my time! I ran 2 miles in 25 minutes! That's a 12.5 minute mile! I know for some of you that is really slow, but considering I started at about a 16 minute mile, that's a HUGE improvement for me. I know 2 miles isn't anything compared to a half marathon, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

After my run I came home, stepped on the scale, and nearly had a heart attack when I saw... this.


Do you see that!?!

Woot!!! I'm only 1.4 lbs. away from my first progression pics and only 5.4 lbs. away from one of my goals! 

At 155 I will post my ten pound progression pics, so stay tuned! They'll be here soon!

And at 152 I will officially weigh less then The Hubs! Woot!!!

Maybe I should tell you my goals.

Be in the 180's
Be in the 170's
Be in the 160's
Be in the 150's
Weigh less then The Hubs
Be in the 140's
Weigh what I did when we got married
Be in the 130's
Weigh Less then I ever have
Be in the 120's
Weigh 120 lbs.

I've already beat four of my goals! That's great! I can't wait for the next couple ones though. 

What are your goals?


  1. Awesome post! It is so cool that you ran 2 miles without stopping! I'm impressed. I love the way you listed your goals and crossed out the ones you have already achieved. I think I'll do the same. Great idea!

    1. Thanks Spunky! :D I was shocked that I did it too, haha. And you should totally do the same with your goals! I would love to read them! :)

  2. I love the way you listed goals and crossed out the ones you've reached too. I've hit my weight goal. Beat it actually, and my pant size goal...beat that too...Still struggling mentally...literally every day when I get dressed I think there is no way I can fit in these pants...and I do, easily. So, I'm not sure how to put it in words, but I want my mental image to match my physical image. And I need to tone up a lot! One of these days I'll figure out how to work out without a baby under me and in the way all the time. I could work out with one kid, still trying to figure out how to with two kids. I think you both are awesome for sharing your journeys with us all. I love hearing both the successes and "Meet the Robinsons" says, you learn from failing but not so much from succeeding. So thank you for sharing your lives!!