Saturday, November 3, 2012

I've been MIA... But here's an update!

Alright, the Spicy chick is back!

I'm sorry it's been so long. After my Half Marathon I had a hard time getting back on my feet, literally. It was really hard and I've been recovering.

However, I am proud to announce that I ran for the first time since my half today! YAY! I thought I had been my PR (Personal Record) for one mile but I didn't. My fastest one mile was 11:57 and I did 12:36, but for not running in three weeks I would say that is pretty darn good! I'm not saddened by it one bit.

Also, I weighed myself yesterday and I was at 162.4 lbs. Normally that number would probably bug me, but I am actually really happy to see it. Especially after two days of Pizza, Halloween Candy, Halloween treats, and not really doing any kind of workout in three weeks. I think I've worked out maybe four times total. Ya... bad. But that's why I've been MIA. I had nothing to say. I wasn't doing so hot. I wasn't eating bad, so that's why I didn't really gain anything, but I wasn't working out.

So. 162.4 lbs. Not a bad starting place. I told the Hubs today though that I'm done not working out. I told him I have to workout everyday! It doesn't need to be a huge workout, but at least half an hour. I told him to make me do it, even when I say I don't want to. Today was also my last run outside. *weeps* blasted cold weather!!! *shakes fist at sky* I may suck it up and attempt a run outside next Saturday as well. We shall see.

So I know 160 lbs may be stretching it a little bit for next FRIDAY (new weigh in day), but I'm going to attempt it. Those two pounds were just from a couple days of Holiday stuff, they will come off easy! Then I have some major updates for you about my life this next week too!

I don't like to, and I won't EVER mention specific dates on this blog. I know some people don't and won't like that, but it's a safety thing people! I will still post pictures of myself though and the occasional picture of the Hubs and LW. On Monday, I will be posting about my Half Marathon. Tuesday, will be a Tip about running with asthma. Wednesday will be about the Hubs and my Anniversary. And Thursday will be about Halloween! I want to mention more things about myself so our readers can get to know me better and understand that I am a real person. I do have a real life! :P Which is why I will be doing more posts about things not related to fitness and health. One day I may have a random tangent about sewing! Who knows?! Then Friday will be another update and weigh in.

I know some of you were looking forward to Spunky making an appearance today, I know I was, but she has been really really busy the past couple of days. She will be back soon. In the meantime, prayers and thoughts for her and her family would be very welcome.

However! I will tell you about my run today! After talking with my Mom about getting back into running she encouraged me to take it slow, which you will understand better after my post on Monday. She told me to start with two or three miles. I wanted to just jump right back to five miles!

I love running five miles...

I never thought I would say that....


Anyway! I listened and told myself I would only run two today. It's a good thing I did. My first mile was hard, it always is. I hate the first mile. But I kept pushing through and made it at 12:36! Woot! Then I turned around and headed back home... only to have my hip start acting up. I was really mad at this point. If you kept up on my training run posts then you know I had some issues with my hip. It made my Half extremely difficult both mentally and physically. I stopped to stretch my hip, it didn't help. So I started walking, knowing I needed to be careful with my hip. At about 1.5 miles I wanted to run again. My hip was still hurting but I wanted to finish strong. That's a thing with me. I HAVE to finish strong... and I did. I ran, slowly, but I ran. When I hit 1.92 miles I started sprinting. Not the smartest move when something is hurting, but I'm a very competitive person and I was angry with having to walk and being able to let my legs fly like that felt so good. I hit about a 7.2 mph, which I thought was really cool, and I walked immediately after completing 2 miles. It felt so good to run! Oh, how much I missed it. I needed those endorphins and just some peace and quiet and time to think.

We'll see how my running progresses next week. I'll be doing hip strengtheners as well and I will keep you posted on how those help.

Check back on Monday for my Half Marathon Update! :D

Until Next Time,

I thought this was funny and would be a fun note to leave on. See ya!

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  1. Nice post, Spicey. Thank you for the shout out and love. It may be a few weeks before I weigh in has to settle a little bit. Good thing you are back to post in my absence! :)