Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday's Workout

Hey Y'all!
   Isn't is so nice to hear from Spunky?! I don't know about you, but I missed her! I got on just expecting to write down my stuff then I saw... 73 posts... what? Last time I wrote something it was at 72... OH! That must mean! Spunky posted!!! Woot!!! Haha, sorry. I love my sis. :) <3

   Sorry I haven't updated my Daily Log page over the weekend. It's seriously been CRAZY! We were gone all day on Saturday shopping for multiple different things. I mean all day too. We were out of the house by noon and didn't return home until after nine. Ugh... Shopping sure takes it out of you. That was my workout on Saturday. We came home and all of us, The Hubs, LW, and I, were worn out. Sunday I was suffering through cramps and recovering from Saturday and today... I don't even know what I ate. I had a green smoothie for breakfast. It was delicious. But then after that I was just snacking on things here and there because I was so busy! I know... that's not good. Dinner was pizza. The Hubs had pizza at work today for lunch, paid by his company, and brought home the leftovers and was begging me to eat it asked if we could have it for dinner instead of my planned dinner. I didn't even realize how hungry I was or that I really hadn't had lunch until I smelled the pizza. You should have heard my stomach, haha.
    This is me during my workout tonight.... Sorry about the red eyes.
Yes, I dyed my hair. :) 
I started my workout, already feeling tired from the days craziness, and made it through three different workouts before I started feeling light headed. I instantly blamed it on that time of month (ugh). I always feel weaker during these times. Anyone else? It's not that I have a low Iron count. I actually have a fantastic Iron count, but because I'm used to that higher amount... for my body, it must feel really low. Plus, not eating the best and I know I haven't had enough water today.... all in all... it wasn't good.

I've learned to listen to my body and when those warning signs start coming, not because I'm gasping for air, I know I really need to stop. So I stopped. I'm a little frustrated, but as I'm writing this I am still a little light headed. It's a good thing I stopped when I did. Hopefully tomorrow's Yoga will go much better. :)

Until Next Time,

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  1. Shopping is hard work! I'll join the daily log whenever I can, but I can't commit to it right now. Glad we are on! I'll have to continue to share my insights with my new book as well. Love you!