Thursday, December 6, 2012

Little Changes

Shout Out to Spunky!


Somethings different...

What is it?

Oh! I did my workout this morning! HAHA!

Sorry there isn't a picture, but trust me when I say I was sweating and huffing and puffing! The Hubs even commented on it and he asked if I was okay a few times because I was breathing so heavy. He got up with me and did his own workout! I was hoping he would do the same one I was doing, but something is better then nothing. I'll get him one of these days.

The deal with that though is he doesn't need to workout as intensely as I do. He has one of those, can eat until the world ends and never gain a single pound. INCLUDING Chips and Dip and Candy and Soda and all that junk food that I SO want to have and can't. Ugh. It's not fair. I have however dropped a few hints here and there. When we got married he had ab definition. He no longer does. He also had super nice sexy arms. Which he still does, just not quite as much as he did. I miss his abs. They were nice... *drool*  Ehem! Anyway! I have dropped a few hints about missing them and he has always replied with something along these lines. "I want to workout, but not at night." or "I don't want to workout for an hour" or something similar.

So, after a lot of research and talking to my personal trainer, aka my mom, I learned something. I'm doing INTERVALS! They are killer! I'll explain more after I get them down better and may even post a video of me doing them.

This means I will no longer be doing hour long workouts. That sounds crazy, right? I know... My workouts will be closer to 15-30 minutes. More on the side of 30 with stretching and all that. On occasion I will still do my longer yoga sessions and once my hip is healed and strengthened I will add running in, but not because I need it, but because I want to. Wow, it's still weird saying I want to run.

I do have some exciting new about tomorrows weigh in though! I will also be posting measurements! I haven't done that in a while. They probably wont be as good as last time considering I am a couple pounds heavier and I had a hiatus from working out.

I'm excited for this new development.

Until Next Time!

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