Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breakfast and Workout

Workout Wednesday is a no go today. I tried finding another link up that I liked, but since I'm not losing weight and don't own a scale I couldn't do Weigh In Wednesday and there was another I found that I don't really like or understood. So I'm going to stick with posting a workout today, but I will also let you know what I had for breakfast. It was delicious, yummy, filling, and healthy!

Monday nights workout for me focused on core and was centered around planks. I ended up dropping to my knee, which still gives a great workout and I am sore, because I'm not as strong as I was a few months ago. That's really frustrating by the way, but the trade off is well worth it. I know I can get back to that strength and even better after baby #2 comes in November.

The workout came from Pumps & Iron and is her side plank workout.

Side Plank Workout

 My review? It was awesome! And quick, but still burned so good! I'm loving working out with a partner. The Hubs did a seven minute interval workout, it's fun watching the man I love workout along side me. We don't do the same workout at this point, jumping/high knees/high intensity cardio are all uncomfortable for me now that I'm in Month 5 of pregnancy.

Tonight I asked him if we could do the same workout or at least let me design one for him. I'm debating between a Deck of Cards workout or a nice Yoga Flow. I'm leaning toward a yoga flow. I'll update later with the chosen workout.

Breakfast this morning was a concoction of yummy healthiness. I had bought some precooked turkey breakfast patties a few months ago, they've been sitting in the freezer with a few left since. I wanted to make sure there was no flour in them and guess what? There wasn't! Woot! No sugar either! Sweet!

I popped one of those bad boys into the microwave with 1/3 cup of sharp cheddar cheese, letting it melt over the delicious meat. Then, I took one large egg and cooked it sunny side up. I placed it on top of the cheesy breakfast patti, cut into it and let the delicious yolk spill onto every mouth watering bite. YUM!!! I finished it off with a cup of Almond Milk (Vanilla - unsweetened) and a juicy fuji apple. Delish!

There ya have it! Have a great Wednesday!

Until Next Time!

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