Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Are Good Days Without The Bad?

Without bad days, we wouldn't know what a good day is. We wouldn't know joy without sadness, or elation without anger. There are many, many wonderful things we wouldn't know without their negative counterpart.

Yesterday was workout Wednesday and I have been linking up with Skinny Meg for a while now to do it. Yesterday just wasn't gonna happen.

I'm a dreamer. I have big, extravagant dreams. Some of them seem unattainable at times, then I always have that voice in the back of my head... the stubborn, head strong, competitive side of my brain that beats back that weaker side and tells it to BE QUIET! My Mom knows better then anyone, if I put my mind to it, there is no stopping me. It's a great quality and I love it! It seemed last November that part of my brain kind of disappeared for a while.

I am an aspiring author. Someone who I love very dearly, who read my book, told me after my first rejection letter in November; "You are already an author, time just hasn't caught up with you yet." Her words helped lift me up after such a terrible moment. Most authors have their books rejected close to twenty times before getting published! That first one, I thought I was prepared for, but it hit me on a personal level like I wasn't expecting. After months of recovery and getting my head and heart in the right spot again I'm in the process of sending in my work for a second time. Wish me luck!

Yesterday another dream of mine took a big hit. I didn't respond well to it. I never considered myself and emotional eater. Usually when I get depressed I lose my appetite completely. I guess that's still emotional eating... or the lack there of. It seems being pregnant kicked that the other direction. I ate a tootsie roll, a long one, not one of those tiny bite-sized ones. And a couple handfuls of chocolate chips (ugh, just writing that makes me feel sick). Now... compared to my sugar tooth I used to have... this is amazing! And the fact it was the only "chocolate" things we had in the house. I wanted chocolate. I also didn't workout yesterday and the hubs brought home wonderful, delicious comfort food. Panda Express. YUM!!!! I told the hubs last night (after he saw how sad I was) that this dream was not stopped. It's just on pause for the moment.

I woke up this morning with a strong mindset. I am a dreamer! I will always be a dreamer! I may not accomplish all of my dreams in this lifetime, but I'm sure as heck going to try my hardest to reach all of them! I can have sad moments, otherwise I wouldn't know the happy moments, but I refuse to let them set me back!

One of my other dreams, as you all know, is to be fit and healthy. To have a healthy pregnancy. I woke up feeling skinny this morning! Which is weird... considering I'm pregnant. But it felt good! I know that my eating habits this week, minus yesterdays mishap, have been making my body feel so much better. I'm working out today and I'm going to everyday from here on out. (not including Sundays) I think my strong, stubborn, competitive brain finally kicked back in today and said, "Enough is enough! You want this? MAKE IT HAPPEN!" I am not at a healthy weight, but I'm going to do everything in my power to have the healthiest pregnancy I can.

I am happy to report that I fit into a pair of pregnancy pants that I couldn't fit into with my last pregnancy. Also I am smaller this time around, then last time as well. I have a comparison picture to show you, but this post is long enough so I'll share that with you tomorrow.

Take your negative, and turn it into a positive!
What are you making positive today?

Until Next Time!

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