Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 1 Log

Day 1:

Weighed - 220.8 pounds

Breakfast - Protein Shake with fruit and no sugar PB
Lunch - Artichoke Chicken, Salad, 1/4 C. penne pasta, strawberries, water
Dinner - Refried Beans and Cheese, milk
Snacks - Popcorn, a few sips of husbands smoothie

How I felt: Nothing too noticeable today. I did have a slight headache, but I think that is because I didn't have enough water. I wasn't hungry, but around bed time I really wanted something sweet. I still felt a bit bloated/uncomfortable from my dinner and dessert on Saturday.

Day 2:

Weighed - 220.2

Breakfast - Protein Shake with fruit and no sugar PB
Lunch - Ground turkey, refried beans, cheese
Dinner - Teriyaki Steak strips, steamed veggies
Snacks - Steamed milk with sugar free hazelnut flavoring, pepper jack cheese

How I felt: Cravings galore today! I really want sweets today. Chocolate milk, chocolate covered caramel, Reeses, pretty much anything chocolate. I also had a craving for cake pops! I made potatoes for my husband with dinner tonight and wanted just one bite! I caught myself rationalizing that one bite wouldn't hurt. Luckily, I told myself that the point of the 4 week restricted phase 1 is to reset the body. The point is to kick the cravings and withdraws, get blood sugars where they are supposed to be, and I knew that even a bite would have an adverse effect on my insulin (what I'm working to correct). So, I didn't have even one bite (although I did pout a little). Right before bed I wanted a nice, hot dinner roll. No headaches today (I drank more water). Feel pretty good.

Day 3:

Weighed - 215.6 What!!!???!!!

Breakfast - Protein Shake with fruit and no sugar PB
Lunch -Broccoli, mushrooms, salad dressing, four slices turkey lunch meat, pepper jack cheese
Dinner - Cauliflower crust pizza (didn't turn out great and I know what I'll do differently next time)
Snacks - Peach, sugar free PB, movie popcorn w/light butter (date night and I was super hungry - healthiest thing available where we were; we saw Monsters University - I recommend it!)

How I felt: Went to the gym today and did strength training. I once heard the biggest loser people do their strength training at the beginning of each week (after weekly weigh-ins) and do cardio before each weigh in....who knows. Felt amazing this morning! (May have something to do with the weight loss.) I was a little hungry today. I'll have to eat beans tomorrow - I think that may be the secret to not getting hungry! I also had a headache in the evening (not enough water).

Day 4:

Weighed - 216.2 (more like what I expected to be at today). Gained 0.6 from yesterday's weigh in, but I am looking at averages here not day to day. I'm weighing each day just to keep tabs.

Breakfast - Protein shake with fruit and no sugar PB, two cubes of cantelope
Lunch - Ground turkey, black beans
Dinner - Panda Express: Steamed veggies, Sweetfire Chicken, and a few bites of Teriyaki Chicken and Orange Chicken
Snacks - PB, 1/2 cantelope

How I felt: Went to the gym and did the eliptical for 25 minutes, high knees, butt kickers, and fast feet drills, foam rolling for my legs (the muscles are pulling on my knee). Feel pretty normal as far as my energy level this morning. I'm hoping that in a few weeks, I wake up and have lots of energy. I was not hungry today at all! Maybe my theory about the beans at lunch is true!?! I'll eat beans at lunch tomorrow too and more veggies/salad. I didn't do well with eating veggies today.

Day 5:

Weighed - 216.2 (This is why they tell you not to weigh every day). :)

Breakfast - Protein Shake with fruit and no sugar PB
Lunch - Salad with beans, mushrooms, broccoli, and olives; a piece of cauliflower crust pizza
Dinner - Oatmeal
Snacks - 1/2 cantelope

How I felt: I am tired this morning. Didn't sleep well. It's hot. Foam rolling is a serious love/hate relationship. It hurts so badly that I actually sweat while doing it, but afterwards my knee pain is totally gone!!! I need to do it more often so it starts to not hurt as badly. I did 30 minutes on a bike today at the gym. Good sweat. I got hungry at about 9:30 at night and wasn't sure what to do about it. So, I drank some water and went to bed.

Day 6:

Weighed - 215.8 (average of a pound a day)

Breakfast - Protein Shake with fruit
Lunch - Taco Bell: Taco Salad (just ate the salad not the shell) and pintos & cheese
Dinner - Chili's: Monetary Chicken and Steamed Broccoli
Snacks - None

How I felt: Tired again today. I didn't fall asleep until midnight (hubby isn't home) and was awake before 7 (I do best on 8 full hours of sleep). Worried because my hubby just changed our plans for today and now I am going to be camping (which I despise), outside in the heat (my body gets lethargic and I get cranky above 83ish), around people I don't know (I have major social anxiety so people who first meet me think I'm a snob usually, but it is just because I am trying to remember to breath and stay calm, so I don't talk very much), and I don't know what the plan is for food. I'm worried about staying on track AND having enough to eat. Considering my choices (we had to leave the campground to go get food because the food that was there was not on my list of good choices), I think I did really well. However, I don't think I ate enough because I was hungry most of the day. I also had terrible cravings for sweets (mainly chocolate) and pizza! I wanted anything BUT what I ordered for food. Nothing was very satisfying because my cravings were so bad.

Day 7:

Weighed - 216 exactly (need to drink more water)

Breakfast - Protein Shake with fruit
Lunch - Turkey sausage patty, slice of cheddar cheese, an egg
Dinner - Hubby took me out! We went to Cheesecake Factory. I ordered well and allowed myself to have a virgin strawberry daiquiri. It was amazing!!!
Snacks - Watermelon, veggies (broccoli/mushrooms/steamed variety)

How I felt: It is just hot!!!! So hard to want to eat well and prep food. Oh well.
Final results for the first week are 4.4 pounds lost! I am so happy with that number because it is a great number!

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