Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Check In w/ Goals!

Whoo-hoo! It was fun to see a post from Spunky!

I'm checking in with an overview of my entire weekend!!!




There ya go! Hahahaha. Hahaha.. Haha... Ha....

Ya, my weekend didn't consist of anything, but cleaning house! I did stop by an aunt's full marathon to see her finish and that was fun! Here is a picture of her coming up to the finish line...

She asked me a few months ago if I was going to do the full marathon with her and  think my eyes almost popped out of my head. I still believe a full marathon is crazy! There is no way I will ever do one. I will be doing another/more half marathons. No point in dwelling on that though for at least another five months!

On to the goals/summer challenge!

I read this article, I know what to do..., same as Spunky and I came up with my own goals.

1. Strength Train 3x's a week
2. Walk/run 3x's a week
3. Stretch everyday
4. Starchy carb 1 meal a day (dinner)
5. FOCUS on portions

I KNOW I can do all of these. Number 4 (same as Spunky) will give me a hard time I'm sure, but I'm determined to do it. I really want to walk everyday, minus Sunday, but three is the least amount of walking I should do. I've been doing better with portions lately so I really want to keep this up.

I found an old picture... and I was going to post it, but at this moment I can't find it... of a date night for the hubs and I a few years ago... We had the same size of portions on our plates. I KNOW I ate all of it and probably more too. Jeez... no wonder I put back on all the weight I had once lost. I should NEVER have the same portions as my husband. He can pack it away and not gain a pound. I don't know where he puts it all.

My Pregnancy goals are still...
1. Gain 15 lbs (totally doable with my size)
2. Remain healthy and working out until due date
3. Post Pregnancy - lose baby weight in 30 days (or less) Whoo-hoo!

What are your summer goals?

Until Next Time!

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