Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Berry Orange Oatmeal

Sorry for the late recipe post! Apparently both Spunky and I forgot...


... oops...

I made this delicious recipe up this morning! It was SO good, I can't wait to have it again, but I have another oatmeal recipe idea I want to try on Friday. In case your wondering, I generally have oatmeal Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

I'm an oatmeal fiend!!! Haha.

Sorry, it's late... for a mommy, I'm tired and therefore a little loopy. I'll try to keep this as sane as possible.

No promises... haha. *shifty eyes*

I also have some news for you before I show you the deliciousness that delighted my tastebuds this morning. I wanted you all to know that I have gained a few pounds. I'm not excited to report that, but I felt like I needed to tell you. I haven't done a Spicy Saturday post in a couple of weeks because I've been out of town, a lot. on Monday morning I was 162 lbs. Ya... bad... I know... That's up five pounds. But! I weighed myself today and was delighted to see I was at 160.0! My goal this week was to be back in the 150's and I KNOW I can do that!!! :D Wish me luck!

I'll also be running 4 miles! YIPES!

Okay, back to the real reason I started this post...


Nah, just jokin'! I'm pullin' yer leg!

Okay, sorry...

Here it is...

Berry Orange Oatmeal!

1/2 Cup Oatmeal (old fashioned)
1 Cup Water
1 - 1 1/2 cups Berries
1/4 - 1 Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (the amount is up to your tastebuds)
Optional: add whipped topping

Cook Oatmeal according to directions, using the 1 cup of water. Add in Berries and freshly squeezed Orange Juice when you are almost done. I use frozen berries so I added them a bit sooner. Stir the oatmeal allowing the berry juices to naturally color the oatmeal before dishing it up and enjoying a wonderfully delicious and healthy breakfast. I added whipped light topping for the display, but it actually made it a little too sugary for me! The berries and Orange Juice are plenty! :D Enjoy!


  1. What type of whipped topping do you use? Cool whip, from a can, fresh?

    Looks good.

    1. I use the Great Value (walmart brand) Light Whipped Topping from a can. Low calories and almost no sugar! :D

  2. Looks good, Spicy! Wow - too sugary for you! Your taste buds aer changing to enjoy the healthy flavor of natural foods! YIPEE! That's a great thing! Love you! Mom :)