Saturday, August 18, 2012

Spicy Saturday: 4.75 Miles!!!

I scheduled a post to publish itself this morning while I was running and let me tell you, I thought about that post while I was running. The longest I've run so far is 3.05 miles and I was jumping up to 4.75. Not the smartest thing, but necessary and I knew I could do it. That 3.05 miles was while pushing LW in a stroller and that is SO much harder. Just because I knew I could do it didn't make it any easier. I was nervous. I woke up to the alarm today and tried to roll over and go back to sleep, trying to pretend I didn't have to go on a long run today. Luckily the Hubs made me get out of bed and on the road and he encouraged me all the way. He told me good luck, that he knew I could do it. He even sent me a few texts while I was running to encourage me! He's the best! I love him so much!

The people who always say the first couple miles are the hardest... they are right! After three miles I kind of forgot I was running and I was just going! That first three though... they were hard. I knew they would be. I was constantly talking to myself. No joke! I even almost yelled at myself. I felt like I was yelling... but it really wasn't that loud.

I kept telling myself...

"I control my body!"

"I have a goal, I said 4.75 miles and that is what I'm going to do! I've made up my mind and NOTHING will change that!"

"I am strong!"

"I will not quit! If I quit, how can I teach my children not to quit?"

"I control my body, I am STRONG!"

Seriously, someone would have thought I was nuts if they heard me. There was an older lady I passed on my last mile who was walking, and she heard me say, "One more mile." I saw her smile, but she didn't look at me or say anything.

But I did it! I completed 4.75 miles! I even ran a little extra. I stopped my run at 4.78 miles!

I ran 4.78 miles in 1 hour! No walking either! :D

Mile 1: 12:22 min 4.8 mph
Mile 2: 12:32 min 4.8 mph
Mile 3: 13:14 min 4.5 mph
Mile 4: 12:54 min 4.6 mph
Mile 5:   9:57 min 4.7 mph
Average: 12:46 min mile 4.7 mph! AWESOME!!!
Total time: 01:01:02 (so close to 01:01:01, how cool would that have been?)

I also weighed in this morning before my run and I am 159.0! I not a big weight loss, but it's that time of month and really... who loses weight during that time? I'm excited to see the real drop next week! :D And run 5.5 miles! YAY!!!

Oh and, I just realized something. My goal is 120, so I should be doing progression pics on the ten's right? I'm going to take a pic of myself sometime today and put it up next to my starting picture so you can see it. Pretty sure, it's going to blow both yours and my mind. :) Check in later to see that! :D

Until Next Time!


  1. I am so proud of you! You inspire me! I've decided that my "run" days are T, TH, and Sat. I'll be starting with walking a mile and running a small part of it. Soon, we will be running together!

    1. That sounds so wonderful! It would be cool for you two to run together someday! Let that dream continue to motivate you Spunky! You can do it! 100's soon! Hopefully by Labor Day! Keep food choices strictly in control and don't sabatoge yourself again! "I AM IN THE 100's and it feels GREAT!" Every time you get close, it seems your body freaks out - but you are in control and you are strong and you can do it! Get past that barrior - you can - you can - you will succeed! Love you,
      Mom :)

    2. Thank you Spunky! You can do it! I can't wait to run with you!

  2. Good job, Spicy! I can SO RELATE to this! Many times I have felt that way - and yes - most of the time, the first few miles are the hardest. As long as there is no pain, just keep going! I have told myself, "Really? You want to stop? Nothing hurts - so think again!" Now if I have joint pain, then I know I need to stop, walk, stretch, etc. before continuing or it will just get worse. However, if I foam roll and do joint looseners before I go out, I usually only have mental toughness to deal with and not actual pain. That "high" feeling of knowing you did it is amazing at the end! Just wait till you cross the finish line at the 1/2 marathon! What a feeling! Just keep envisioning that moment and let it empower you to keep training and ENJOY THE JOURNEY! Great job! Love you - Mom :)

    1. I can't wait to share that moment with you Mom. :) I love you!