Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spicy Saturday; 8-11-2012 Back to the 150's

I'm so happy to report that I am back in the 150's! I weighed in at 159.4 this morning! Woot!!! That means I lost almost three pounds! I'm super excited about this next week! I've got a nice workout schedule figured out to help me train for my half marathon! This is what I'll be doing this week...

      3 Mile Run
      30 Min Cross Train
      3 Mile Run & Strength Train
      3 Mile Walk & Yoga
      30 Min Cross Train
      4.75 Mile Run

I'm determined to be 150 by September 8th and I know I can do that! :D I know it's a little more then two pounds a week, but with my running and other workouts, plus eating right, I'm positive the weight will practically fall off. I have the weight to lose, so I'm not worried about losing that much in the next month.

Don't forget to come back to see Spunky's Measurement Monday! :D

Until Next Time,


  1. Fantastic! Especially with the traveling! Way to get right back on track! Also- be careful you don't burn out. I am glad to see the "walk/yoga day" and some cross training. Make sure you are NOT jumping on the cross training because then the calves won't get a break with the run and walk days too. Injuries come from over-training, so be careful Spicy! But it is a wonderful schedule if you watch out for that one thing! When you are at goal weight you can back down a day or two into maintenence - but stay active to keep it off. You are getting closer - good work! Love you! Mom :)