Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 2b

Wow! I did it! I am so pleased. Today, I got up earlier than a normal work day, worked a full teaching day, coached an hour of cheerleading, came home and got on the treadmill. Yes, I still did my C25K workout. Man were the first 10 minutes hard. I was hurting, tired, and hungry. But, then I decided this was silly. My conversation (yes, to myself) went something like this:

Come on, you can do this! It isn't that bad.
Cute, blonde.
Cute, jogging, blonde.
I am strong!
I am powerful!
I got this!
I am a strong, powerful, sexy woman who my husband finds irresistible!
I do NOT feel threatened by anybody! I AM A SEXY BEAST! *huge smile and a giggle*

I finished the last half of the workout strong, and even kicked into a higher speed on the last jogging session. After I finished that last jog, I threw my hands in the air, thanked my Heavenly Father for the ability to work out, and said, "Yes!"

Lesson?  Positive self talk is important! I am so glad I worked out and feel all of those things right now.Try it, it works!

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  1. WAY TO GO!!!! Yes! Positive Self Talk is HUGE! Remember I posted about talking/yelling at myself during my runs? It really, really helps. :) Even if people look at your crazy when you pass by them on the sidewalk, haha. :) Keep it up girl! You're amazing!