Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Update - Spicy!

As I'm sure you already know, I don't have a weigh in for you yet. I haven't bought a new scale. However! I do have some fun news for you. I actually think this whole not having a scale thing is helping me. I would so be weighing myself probably everyday which is not healthy! I've decided once I do get a new scale I will only weigh in on my weigh in days. :)

I have been doing really well on my eating though! I feel thinner today, which is an improvement from how I've been feeling lately. (majorly bloated and uncomfortable) I'm learning I need to stay away from dairy products (especially milk) and really limit my intake of breads too otherwise I get really uncomfortable fast and a nasty stomach ache on top of it.

Thankfully I haven't really had much of anything dairy wise and my bready stuff has been way down too! And I have been feeling great!

My workout clothes today were actually comfortable again! I wore the pants all day long! (Hey, don't judge. The pants were actually clean and I was doing laundry.) I was gonna take a picture and didn't, but I was actually comfortable enough to take a picture in them! That's amazing! I also tried on a pair of my size 10 jeans yesterday, FRESH out of the dryer (and you know how tight jeans get once they've been in the dryer)... and they fit! They were uncomfortable at first, but once they loosened up they weren't to bad! I didn't wear them all day and I definitely am not comfortable to do that either. But they weren't too bad. I got them buttoned and zipped and wore them for about an hour and a half. Size 10! Woot!!! :D That makes me so happy. :)

Anyway! That's my update for today. Sorry it's not more exciting.

I'll have a recipe for you tomorrow though!

Until Next Time,

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  1. Good job with the eating. Due to our new living situation, I have a harder time weighing because I actually have to get out the scale. It's been good. I agree. Nice job with the size 10s!