Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7/100 miles done!

Hahaha, I'm looking at that and I am just laughing. That sounds ridiculous. 7 out of 100... oh brother. I've got my work cut out for me.

Two posts in one day!?!?!?! What is happening?!?! Haha, just me getting back in the groove.

Today I was going to do just a two mile walk, but then I realized it is Tuesday! One of my goals is to run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 3 Miles every tues and thurs and 5-6 miles on Saturdays. So, I thought to myself... why not start now?

I didn't run the whole thing. I walk/ran it which is just fine by me! I'm still moving! I did about a 15 minute mile. My walking was really slow. Every time I started walking my calves would cramp up on me. I have a history with charley horses in my calves, their not fun and I don't want another one, so I took the walking slower then I wanted to.

My running was really slow too, but that's okay. I'll get faster again and pushing a heavy stroller with a heavy toddler through wind and up hills is a pain! I do not like running with a stroller... I know it will get easier, but I miss my runs just on my own when I didn't have to focus on anything else but me. I'm trying to figure out how I can do my runs three times a week without the stroller. Of course a running stroller would make it easier too... hint hint, hubs. (he doesn't ever read this, but whatever)

Yup, so that's what's happening! I'll be doing 3 miles every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until I can run all three again then I'll start bumping up the distance on my Saturday runs. I'll try to keep up the 2 mile walk Mon, Wed, Fri... we'll see how that goes. Now, I'm off to do some free weights in my workout room!

What are you doing to get moving today?

Until Next Time!

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  1. Good plan on the walking. I am sore today from running cheer tryouts yesterday. Plus with the middle of the night freakin' annoying alarm going off forever next door, my body is begging for some rest. No walk for me today. Tomorrow I will.