Friday, March 1, 2013

Are You This Person?

(quick side note)
Hey ya'll, I know I said I had a surprise for you two days ago... I got really sick and didn't want to do anything, but curl up in a ball, with a pillow over my head and not move. I'm back now!

A couple weeks ago, when I finished my 30 day challenge and started a new one right away. I saw a quote that said something along the lines of "Most people who begin a workout/healthy lifestyle for the new year, never make it through February. Are you that person?"

I read that and thought... NO WAY! I am not going to be that person!

Sitting out for a week trying to get over this nasty sickness has really made me miss working out everyday. I'm remembering how tired and worn down I felt before working out on a regular basis. I'm so much happier on days I workout! More "bubbly"! I tend to get grumpy when I don't workout!

I'm not giving up again. I'm SICK of giving up and "starting over". NOT AGAIN!

Then I realized... There are a lot of people who are not quite at that step yet...

Are you?

Are you the person the gave up a week into your new lifestyle? Two weeks? A month? Maybe you gave up repeatedly?

Guess what...

I've done ALL of those things.

Do yourself a favor this month and DO NOT be the person who gives up in March!

Keep up with me on the journey to a healthier life and workout regularly. Eat better then you EVER have! 80% of health, fitness, and losing weight is what you eat! I personally think it's more like 90%, but whatever.

I didn't workout today, starting to feel better but still hard to breath and I get dizzy if I get to rambunctious. Plus, I do NOT want to relapse. I seem to relapse into sickness really easily so I'm not pushing it. BUT You can bet your sweet biscuits I'll be back at it as SOON as I feel safe to continue! :D

Don't give up!

Don't give into temptation!

You CAN do this!

I'm right there with ya.

Until Next Time!

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