Friday, March 22, 2013

Holy Tiredness!

Okay so, Tuesday I had an AWESOME walk/run and workout. Then out of no where, kind of, I was SUPER tired both Wednesday and Thursday. I seriously felt like this...

picture taken from google/images

I probably could have fallen asleep anywhere yesterday and actually I did end up taking a nap all the way through LW's almost 3 hour nap... ya... that's a long time. I was awake for a good half hour after he fell asleep though so it was probably more like 2.5 hours... still ... I think I needed some sleep.

I'm trying really hard to listen to my body and figure out what it needs and the past two days, my body needed rest. Today however! I woke up with a bounce in my step and I feel great! I had a nice spinach, fruit, and protein smoothie for breakfast and as soon as that settles I'm hitting the weights! To be followed by a 2 mile walk with LW. I'll be running tomorrow so no running today.

Tomorrow will be my first run without LW in a long time and I can't wait to see how it feels. I miss those runs. I mean I love having LW with me, but it does make it so much harder. Well, off to the land of free weights and developing sexy arms! :D

Until Next Time!

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  1. Fatigue makes it so hard to do ANYTHING much less get a workout in. Rest up when you need to. Love ya!