Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Here's What Happening

Hey Ya'll!

So, I'll be honest... I only did four miles like week, but the second two were a walk/run and it felt awesome!

Exercise kind of took a back seat for a while since we started painting, cleaning fell to the back of the list too, but it's back on top now... besides yesterday.

Yesterday was my doctors appointment. Spunky had one last week, so I guess it was my turn ;) haha. The appointment went well. I weighed in at 171, but that was fully dressed and I had been drinking water like a mad woman. So I am probably closer to like... 168? Anyway, I don't really care about that. I am eating well and I feel SO good! Plus... I seriously do NOT look like I'm 170 lbs!

I stepped on the scale and the lady put the first thing to 100 lbs. then started moving the smaller thing... up and up it went... She stopped it first at 130, then moved it to 140... and then 150. She actually said, "hmm..."
and her eyebrows furrowed! I wanted to laugh, it made me feel great. So she moved it to 150 and started moving the smaller one again and it landed on 171. She announced that like she couldn't believe it.

My blood pressure was 112/66. She apologized when she started taking it because she said something that made me laugh right as she started. It was funny. Spunky! You and I are pretty much the same there!

Everything else went well and then I got stabbed... :(

That's the best picture I could get... it looks worse then that...
The guy taking my blood was nice though, he called me an angel. Although, the only reason he called me that is because I told him it didn't matter which arm he took blood from. I've decided I'm calling those people vampires now. They take blood for a living... ew.

Anyway, that is how my day went yesterday and I was going to workout, but after my two appointments (one for my braces), grocery shopping, and doing a massive amount of cleaning (trying to catch up)... I was really tired.

And here is a couple picture from this morning.

Seriously people... who weighs 170 lbs and looks like that? Apparently I do! LOTS of muscle ya'll! And more to come! Sorry about the annoying flash and the baggy pants (makes it so you can't see my muscular legs), didn't think about that until afterward but I was too lazy and stubborn to change and take more pictures, haha.

Until Next Time!

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  1. Seriously, you look great! I'll be going to see the vampires next week! Haha! I love that new name for the phlebotomists! I'm not sure how to spell that, but that is how it sounds. I also have two dentist appointments next week. UG.