Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh Man, Look What I Did!!!

Can't believe I did it!

When my Mom issued me the 30 day challenge of no sugar I was totally gung-ho about it. It was awesome and gave me power to do other things. A little way through the challenge she said, "So, you're going to throw your scale away, right?" I didn't answer her. I couldn't say yes, but I didn't want to say no. So we compromised. I didn't weigh for 30 days. When I did, I was mad at what I saw and didn't understand. I've concluded that my scale is dead. It's been dying for a while and I do not believe what it said. I have not weighed since. My surprise people is this...

My stupid scale...


I did it!!! I threw my scale away!

If you have not done this, PLEASE consider it! There are much better ways to track your progress like how your pants are fitting and measurements and just how you feel! I can not tell you the amount of relief I felt when I threw that blasted thing in the trash! It's like a weight (no pun intended) was lifted off my shoulders!

Wow! It felt amazing!

In fact, yesterday I went to go see a book signing by Heather Frost - author of the Seers Trilogy (by the way, she is my Sis-in-law... AWESOME!!!) and when I went to get dressed in the morning I put on some jeans and was mortified! They didn't fit, when the Saturday before they had been totally comfortable! I was sick for a week, eating was out the window and I didn't workout at all... I was so upset. That night I got home and realized, I had tried to wear the wrong pair of jeans! The jeans I had tried on I wore at my healthiest weight. The jeans I had thought they were I am currently wearing and they are perfectly comfortable, in fact they are a little big.

Those other jeans... Thinking back on it... I had those jeans up over my butt and thighs and it was close to buttoning! I mean.. not close enough to force it, I don't like doing that anyway...

Girls and women! wear the RIGHT size of pants! Don't squeeze yourself into a couple pants sizes to small and then complain about a muffin top! Pu-leaze!

Anyway. They are SO much closer though! In December I couldn't even get them over my butt and if I did I was squeezing into them and no where near buttoning them! YAY! I've come so far! Just gotta keep on going! :D

That was my surprise. :)

Oh and here are a few fun pics of my lil guy. This was after the book signing. Isn't he adorable?!

Until Next Time!

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  1. Way to go, Spicy!I love that you threw your scale away! Yes, LW is the cutest thing I've ever seen! And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. :)