Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the sentence...

So, I'm doing another link up! Holly is also someone I follow around on Blogger. I don't know her in real life and love her posts, but at the same time... Little missy... may I just say your gorgeous! And I would almost kill to look like you. Seriously! The post you did the other day about your shorts, PUH-LEASE! You  look great. No saddle bags or turkey legs from six flags that I can see. I'll switch you any day. wink wink. Now that I've thoroughly embarrassed myself, how about I finish these fun sentences for ya'll.


Unlike my siblings (that I love very much)... They all know I'm the prettiest and most talented *wink wink* (so not true, I think the opposite of myself actually. Spunky is SO beautiful, inside and out! And that is only one of my four siblings! Your mind would be blown away if I mentioned the other amazing things they all could do)

My best friend says... What best friend? I joke. The people that are closest to me all know I'm really crazy. And the biggest nerd around. Hello? What wife goes around quoting Star Trek with her husband and or recognizes almost every Star Trek quote he says? Mostly from The Wrath of Khan. Oh dear... now I'm really showing my true colors.

People call me... A lot of people think I'm really mean when they first meet me, BEFORE talking to me. I don't know why they think that, it kinda hurts when I find that out, but usually the only ones who tell me that are WAY close to me now so that helps a little. I promise I'm not mean. 

I most often dream... Weird things people. No joke(must be the writer in me, my imagination goes wild). And I tend to think during them too, which is just odd. I'll have dreams that someone in the family is trying to set me up with some random guy and in my dream I will be thinking "I'm married." or telling them "I'm married" or asking where the hubs is. Last night I had a dream where I wasn't pregnant and the whole time I was thinking "I'm pregnant" or "where did my pregnancy go". Pretty sure the whole 'thinking while sleeping' is not healthy. Hey, at least I'm not torturing people with fire pokers in my dreams... (you better get that Heather)

The best part of my day... Aside from when my wonderful handsome man gets home (which really is the best part of my day, I love that man) is when LW takes a nap. I don't know if that makes me a bad mom or not and sometimes I seriously wonder if I'm cut out to be a mom, but really... don't you all have those moments or those days? I love my little guy, but I NEED some MEEEE time, please.

I really don't understand... HAHA!!! A LOT! :S

I get really annoyed... when I tell people I'm a write/aspiring author and they go... "are you published?" or "well lots of people want to be authors" or "they don't make very much money" (or a whole SLEW of other things said). I mean, really people!? It's my dream! You don't hear me dashing your dreams! And besides, I don't want to be an author for the money! If you want to be an author for the money you are doing it for the wrong reasons! I write because I love it and if it gives someone else, even ONE person out there some joy, then that right there is worth more then any amount of money.

There's nothing like a... Nice long rain storm with lighting and thunder. love.

Lately, I can't get enough... SLEEP! Or TIME! Seriously way to much to do and being a person of current previous procrastination and trying to get better with time management .. the lack of time in a day is discouraging. How do you other stay at home moms do it(it as in; clean, spend time with the kid(s), yard work, workout, and self time)?

One thing I am NOT is... a girly girl(even though I'm a licensed beautician). I've always been more of a jeans, t-shirt and ponytail kind of gal. I would love to have a bunch of cute clothes and shoes to wear and an hour and a half to get read everyday, but truth be told... I don't have that kind of money or time. And you can't wear cute clothes and shoes without doing SOMETHING with your hair and makeup. 

I spent too much money on... Uh... Um... Food? I don't do a lot of shopping. Sorry. Trying to eat healthier though is making me go a little over our monthly food budget. Oops.

I want to learn... SO MUCH! Oh man... I can't even tell you all the things I want to learn! It would take way to long, but I'll list a few things. How to manage time, be a pro gardener, curl my own hair the way I can on clients (ya, I know that's ridiculous), Italian, Latin, Ice skating, be the perfect homemaker, play the viola, play the piano WELL, archery, diy stuff like Skinny Meg... etc. See? I have a bunch more off the top of my head too. Seriously, I never want to stop learning, I have to much I want to know.

If I ever met               , I would...  Skinny Meg! (she's the first person I could think of after skipping that one and then staring at it a long time) I would want to be her friend, dive into all of her weight loss/fitness secrets, and tell her that I both LOVE her style and think it's extremely weird, haha. 

I can't stop... uh... mind went blank... Haha! I know. Procrastinating!!! Lol.

Never have I ever... Had an alcoholic drink in my WHOLE life! Not once. Never have. Never will. Not my thing people. Has nothing to do with my religion, which doesn't approve of drinking anyway, it's totally a personal choice. It's just not appealing to me. I've been in plenty of situations where I could have, but no thanks. Ya'll can keep your nasty drinks. :P haha

Reese Witherspoon... is an awesome actress in Sweet Home Alabama (along with other movies), she is just so cute and sassy in that one and I love it. Herself in person... meh, I don't know. I don't follow celebrity stuff. Don't care. However... her name Reese... really makes me think of Reeses... darn it.

Ta Da! Link Up Done!
Now I'm going to go workout. 
Until Next Time!


  1. I absolutely loved the first book you let me read! I cannot wait for more, so mission accomplished! :)