Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Making An Already Awesome Workout My Own

So... last night I had a super giddy, dorky moment. I started giggling like crazy and the hubs looked over at me and asked...


Well, then I obviously had to explain EVERYTHING! I told him how there is this Mommy Fitness Blogger I really really admire and look up to. She's lost tons of weight, looks amazing, and is way funny and just plain awesome....

And she commented on my post(last weeks workout link up)!



I'm still getting giddy, haha!

Now, obviously this said Fitness Blogger would be Skinny Meg! Who I'm linking up with again today, because she is awesome and she read my blog... and commented on it! 

Sorry... I'll try to calm down now...

I briefly explained, and not to well I might add, what my workout was last night... but I really did take it to a whole new level folks! I'm here to tell you exactly what I did in this awesome workout linkup


As for today, I'm taking a semi-rest day. I'll be doing some yoga to stretch out my sore muscles from the past two days and the squat challenge. Nothing too exciting, unless you really like yoga like me.

Yesterdays workout consisted of Mama Laughlin's Arm Workout which is amazingly awesome and my own flare as well. I mentioned I like making things whole body instead of just targeting one area. That's exactly what I did.

If you need videos on each of the basic moves without my added awesomeness, Mama Laughlin has some great videos on her post with them being demonstrated. I'm just not cool enough yet to post videos. 

This is my Pumped Up Version
Set One
Hammer Curls - 10 reps w/ 10 lb. weights and alternating lunges
Shoulder Press - 10 reps w/ 10 lb. weights and a wall sit
Butterfly - 10 reps w/ 5 lb. weights and dead lifts
Squats - 5
Repeat 4x's

Set Two
Bicep Curl - 10 reps w/ 15 lb. weights ( had to drop to 10 lbs. on last set)
Walking Pushups - 4 
Squats - 5
Repeat 3x's

Set Three
Tricep Press - 10 reps w/ 10 lb. weights and ball squeeze (straddle a workout ball like your sitting on a horse and squeeze with your inner thighs as hard as you can each time you lift the weight)
Chest Fly - 10 reps w/ 10 lb. weights on ball. Shoulder blades on ball, keep body level like a table (works the core really good)
Tricep Pulse - 30 sec. pulse w/ 5 lb. weights - 45, 48, 45, 49 (OUCH!)
Squats - 5
Repeat 4x's

30 sec. front plank on forearms
30 sec. left side plank on extended arm
30 sec. right side plank on extended arm


This hurt so GOOD!!! The 5 squats at the end of each, repeated that many times will give you 55 squats total which was my challenge number for yesterday. I will let you know. I am going to be so sore! I'm tight as I'm typing this and that always turns into soreness. The second day is always worse for me which is why I will be stretching and yoga-ing like mad today. I also have to drop the weights  to 5 lbs on butterflies because of an old shoulder injury. 5 lbs is even too much some days. Listen to your body! Don't push it if it's telling you not to (not your brain, that's different). Enjoy the workout and don't forget to check out the other awesome ladies on Skinny Megs Workout Wednesday Link Up!

Disclaimer - I am NOT a personal trainer (yet). 
Please talk to your doctor/physician before beginning any workout program or exercise. 
LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I can not stress that enough. 
This WILL get your heart rate up! I don't have a heart rate monitor, but I can tell you my heart rate got up there. That can be dangerous for some pregnant woman. I have a VERY LOW RISK pregnancy and my doctor told me to use the talk method. I was holding a steady conversation with the hubs during this workout so I knew I was okay.
I workout from home so all of this can be done without a gym membership. 
This is just what I do that works for me, but people are different. If it works for you, then great! 

Have a fabulous day!

Until Next Time!


  1. Love that your workout is an at-home one! I'm attempting to lose my weight without a gym membership -- so these kind of workouts are perfect! :)

    -- Emily @

    1. I don't have a gym membership so all the workouts I do are at home or outside with my own equipment. You definitely can lose weight without a gym membership! I'll try to keep posting some at home workouts. :)

  2. Haha I love that first part ;) you KILLED those arms good for you!!!