Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thirteen Weeks and Getting Back on theTrain

Last week I gave my very first post of staying fit while pregnant (Keeping Fit Through Pregnancy Part 1). I may not have mentioned though that unfortunately I didn't workout for over a month! I found out we were expecting while experimenting with my workouts and trying to find what best fit me. Then the nausea hit. I couldn't do anything in fear I would toss my cookies(although I didn't eat practically any cookies). The second I started moving around, just cleaning the kitchen, I'd feel it coming and have to sit down. I would rather sit on a couch all day then be working to get things done and have to run to the bathroom to bend over the porcelain throne every ten minutes. No thank you! I lost a LOT of muscle tone and that saddens me, but I'll get it back. So over the last two weeks I've been working hard to get back in the groove of working out because my nausea stopped! Also I'm not feeling like I need a nap every hour. Yay!

My workout yesterday consisted of a 3.5 mile walk/run, the squat challenge, and cleaning house. Not that intricate I know, but I was TIRED after all that. Whew!

Oh, I'm also bummed out because I was totally going to link up with another blogger yesterday and then never got around to it. I'll still do what the link up wanted me to do after I'm through with this, but it won't be the same.

Without further daddling...

How Far Along? 13 Weeks
Total Weight Gain/loss: 1 lb gain.
Baby's Size? Currently a lemon, about three inches
Maternity Clothes? Lol, no. I tried to wear a maternity shirt this last weekend and it looked funny on me. Not there yet, but there is a nice hair tie holding my pants together at the button.
Stretch Marks? No new ones. I have a lot from being so overweight at such a young age, growing quickly in certain areas, and I did sustain a few with my first pregnancy, hoping I won't have as many or none at all this time. I'm lotioning up like a crazy person.
Best Moment This Week: Um... Oh, officially ending my first trimester!
Miss Anything? Not really. I'm feeling pretty much normal again so I'm good.
Movement? Sometimes I think I feel something, but then remember I'm only 13 weeks and it's probably just a gas bubble or my tummy digesting.
Food Cravings? CHINESE!!! I always love chinese, it's probably my favorite food, but lately it's all I want! To bad we can't have it every night. :(
Anything making you queasy or sick? The smell of eggs cooking is gross and same with anything being fried, especially onions. Thankfully it doesn't make me feel sick anymore though.
Have you started to show yet? To me, yes. The the rest of the world, I just look like I'm gaining weight in my stomach.
Gender? Hoping, hoping, hoping for a girl. We will find out in a little over a month!
Labor Signs? No! Thank goodness, that would be bad.
Belly Button in or out? In, but I have a major inny anyway, it never popped out with LW. It does feel weird though, it's not the same as it was 13 weeks ago! ;)
Wedding Rings on or off? On, I'm hoping it will stay that way this time. I stopped being able to wear them last time around twenty weeks.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy! I'll randomly feel really upset about something and then I remember it's the pregnancy hormones talking and that makes me roll my eyes, then I feel better.
Looking forward to? Finding out the gender!!! Duh!

Woop! There ya have it! My workout for today is focusing on arms and core, plus the squat challenge.
I love Mama Laughlins arm workout she posted here. I'll be using my only dumbbells of 5 lbs and 10 lbs. I wish I had some 8 lbers. Maybe someday soon. Or maybe I'll just skip over them all together, ha! I tend to throw in some full body movement too though, like lunges while I'm doing curls or hammers, or squats, or wall sits, it's good for you and works a lot more, try it! I'll also be doing a few moves my mom (who's a personal trainer) gave me, but I'll be using bands making it hard to describe  Maybe one day I'll post a workout video on here and show you. I'll keep my core tight throughout it all and do some plank work, a good safe core workout for pregnant ladies. I love moving planks, multi-level planks, side planks, all of them! They burn so good! I also am doing a lot of yard work right now trying to get our garden ready for the quickly growing plants we have indoors which is taking a lot out of me. Pregnant ladies tire quickly! I'm focusing on eating better because I'm not working out as much and I believe it is helping.

Now, yesterday's link up was going to be about goals. Setting three goals for the coming week. My three goals are:

  1. Walk/run three times this week. 1 down 2 ta go.
  2. Drink LOTS of water - I struggle with this already, but being pregnant I have to drink even more. I don't know if I'm running to the bathroom every 15 minutes because the baby is sitting right there or I'm drinking so much.
  3. Lift some weights dang it! I miss doing that and I NEEEEEEED it. So I'm getting back to it.
If you stuck through all that, then I love you. Tell me what your goals are this week! I would love to hear them!

Here's some cuteness for you! Isn't he adorable? Love this kid.

Until Next Time,

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