Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It Feels Like Monday/Workout Wednesday

It feels like Monday today. I didn't even realize it was Wednesday this morning until I got online to check out a few of my favorite bloggers sites. I was fully prepared to talk about last weeks goals, which I may do anyway. Then I saw Workout Wednesday! I briefly thought, SkinnyMeg hasn't posted in almost a week? Then I looked at the date, then at the date on my computer, then back and forth between the two until my tired brain realized what I was looking at. That TODAY is Wednesday!

You see, today is really my first day back in Utah since EARLY Saturday morning. The Hubs, LW and I flew out to Kansas to have a family get together. We flew back in yesterday night and I'm a little travel logged and keep thinking today is Monday. Whew, I hope that goes away soon.

After we landed two of my sisters and one of my brother in laws picked us up. I wish I had a video or picture of my reaction when I saw them because I'm pretty sure it was awesome. It's been a long time. Then we climbed into a car and headed to their house. This is what happened on the way home.

LW and The Hubs fell asleep

I chatted it up with my sis, then a few hours later snapped this shot.

LW sitting on a chair waving to family members. The person sitting next to him is our one and only Spunky!

These are the only pictures I have on my phone, but MANY were taken. I will try to post more about our weekend. :) 

Just a quick overview of my goals last week. I didn't have a third walk/run, but I did get two in. I went on a walk with one of my sisters yesterday. It was nice! I am going to go on a walk/run today and again on Friday. So I will get three in this week!

Water I did great on! Except while in Kansas. I still drank pretty good, but not as good as I should have.

Lifting weights. Um... Hello? Did you not see my workout last week?! Haha, yes I lifted weights. I want more though!!! Is that greedy? ;)

This weeks goals (even though I know it's a short week for me):
1. Walk two more times
2. Keep hydrated!
3. Eat five meals a day (new thing I'm going to start doing, we'll see how it goes)


Alright so... My workout of the day... what should I do... hmm....

Well, I have my squat challenge which I'll be doing 70 squats. I'm also going on a walk/run. Which will probably be about three miles, maybe a little more. Let's do this:

High Side Plank Reach Through - 15 reps
Single Leg Dead Lift - 10 lbs. & 15 reps
Walking Pushups - 5 reps
Temple Tap Abs (a favorite move from Melissa Bender) - 15 reps***
Workout Ball Inner Thigh Squeeze - 15 SLOW reps, 15 sec hold at end
Elbow Plank - 60 seconds (that's my goal)
Repeat 2 - 4x's

*** Temple Tap Abs are a flat back exercise! I have been cleared to continued doing these kind of workouts until I am half way through my pregnancy which is 20 weeks. PLEASE consult your doctor BEFORE doing this! These workouts are what works for my and my VERY LOW risk pregnancy. I will be listening to my body A LOT on these. If I feel even the tiniest bit uncomfortable I will stop and do something else and I will update this post and let you know. Listen to your body and consult your doctor!

Have a GREAT workout!

Until Next Time!

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  1. Had a great time with Spicy, visiting family. More pictures to come, I'm sure. :)