Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Is What's Up!

Hey Everyone, Spicy is Back!!!

Life has been crazy here! The Hubs and I haven't had a truly relaxing weekend in almost a month and it's gonna be another month until we get a weekend to ourselves again. So much is going on! LW is causing havoc wherever he goes, but is still the cutest darn thing ever so I'm having to learn how to discipline a toddler. Trial and error people... trial and error!

As far as my workouts are going... they haven't been. With the crazy weekends and life in general I've been so exhausted. At the moment my workouts have been TRYING to keep the house clean, unpacking, and repacking for our next event, oh and attempting at yard work in-between all that. WEEDS!!! (need I say more?). Bah! It's crazy.

My food intake hasn't been the greatest either. My body went crazy for about a month and only wanted breads. I'm not saying I was craving them. I'm saying that's all I could eat! Blarg. I can't even express how sick of bread and crackers I am. It's getting better though and just over the last week(ish) I've been eating better and starting to feel better again. Thank goodness!!!

I did happen to be around a scale yesterday so I hopped on it to see the damage a month of bread had on me. 1 pound gain! I was so happy to see that! Plus it was at like... 4 pm which isn't the best time to weigh yourself anyway because you'll weigh more. I know I've lost muscle tone, but I can get that back. It's all part of the journey! :D

How have you been doing?

Until Next Time,

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