Saturday, May 25, 2013

If I Won The Lottery/Link Up

I happened to stop by Hang On, Honey when I was reading Holly's blog and I saw this Link Up posted a couple days ago. I thought it would be a fun, light hearted post after my heavy one on Thursday. Plus, like Beth said, who doesn't think about this?!

Now I don't play the Lottery or buy the tickets or whatever you wanna call it, so I won't ever win the lottery, but I can still dream about having that kind of money.

I'm probably really weird compared to most people because my dreams of having that much money and what I would do with it aren't like most peoples. A lot of people want a big house, live on a beach or near one, you know... luxury stuff.

Unfortunately, and fortunately for The Hubs, I'm kind of a tom boy. Yes, I have a major girly side. I would love to have a closet full of cute, well fitting clothes and racks full of boots, but when I do my hair and makeup (even if I do it every day, which I don't) it's all for The Hubs. I would be happy almost never wearing makeup and throwing my hair up in a ponytail most days.

So without making you wait much longer, this is what I would do with a LOT of money.

1.) Pay off our house mortgage, then sell our house.

2.) Buy a LARGE plot of land (I'm talking like 200 acres) with lots of trees and land for so many different things.

3.) Build our dream house on said land, similar to this...

With many different dream features, but HAVE to have a giant library. 

4.) Bring my family and the hubs family to said land and build our own little community. Each having their own home. Plenty of  trails for running/walking and areas on the outskirts of our land to even go camping! There would be a park in the middle of the houses. A large gaming home with a pool table, ping pong table, a workout room, a pool! And a giant garden we would all work in.

5.) Build my dream barn with neighboring sheltered arena. Own many horses!

6.) Own many BIG dogs. 

7.) Whatever money we had leftover we would put away into savings. 

We live a pretty simple life and probably still would even with that much money. We both love our families and both my sisters and his sisters have talked about all living on the same plot of land near each other. I could live without either family, I love them both so much. 

So, what would you do?

Until Next Time!

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