Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Workout Wednesday!

Alright, so yesterday I was still trying to get in the swing of things after Memorial Day so I didn't get to post about the ab challenge. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't do as much as I wanted to last week when I started so I took it down a notch. Being fifteen weeks pregnant I know I'm going to have to cut back on ab exercises like these soon so I think what I did was great!

I did each exercise 10 times instead of doing the first one 25 times, and having it pretty much get worse from there on out. I didn't do the Scissors or the Leg Climbers. Both of those exercises I do not like. I like to MOVE and Scissors doesn't give me enough movement and I can't get my leg straight which drives me bonkers! And then there are Leg Climbers! Why on earth would I want to "climb up my leg"? Plus, then my leg gets in the way of my growing belly and it's just not a comfortable move. I've done these exercises before when I wasn't pregnant and they are fine, but I always resented them.

I was able to do the whole workout, minus those two moves, with ten reps each move. That may not seem like a lot, but I felt it! I also listened to my body and took the necessary breaks when needed. I am thankfully pretty in tune with my body, I listen to it all the time. When I felt my stomach or my uterus tighten to much, I backed off for a bit. I talked to my doctor and she said I am fine to keep doing this as long as I listen to my body which I am doing.

The squat challenge is still going good and strong. I'm happy to say that I have a rest day from the squat challenge today. Yay! My hamstrings and butt are SORE! That could have to do with my gardening yesterday too. It's amazing how many muscles you work doing that.

Workout Wednesday today is me posting yesterday's workout. It was a good one. So... let's link up!


Quick update on Skinny Meg and Mama Laughlin, they are getting together for the Pretty Muddy and want to meet people! I am so jealous that I don't have the funds to go meet them. Now I don't drink so that part of the night I would probably end up being the designated driver if I could go, haha. ;)

Seriously though, if you can make it, you should. Those two ladies are rock stars.

Now for the workout. 
I started with the squat challenge and the ab challenge then went on to do this...

Squat, Bicep curl, Shoulder Press, repeat for 3 minutes (I used 10 lb weights)
1 Leg Deadlift Left Side - 1 minute (I used 10 lb weights)
1 Leg Deadlift Right Side - 1 minute (I used 10 lb weights)
Shoulders - Lift arms out to sides until aligned with shoulders then lower, lift arms front to shoulder height then lower, bend at the hips and perform a butterfly (mama laughlin demonstrates this move here). Repeat for 3 Min (I used 5 lb weights, I have a weak shoulder from an injury)
Bent Over Rows - 1 minute (I used 10 lb weights)
Plank - 1 minute
Repeat 3x's

I feel really dumb for not knowing the names of those other two moves in the Shoulders part of this exercise, but my mind is blank. I really can't think of them. They are actual moves, I promise, haha. I hope I described them well enough so you understand. Anyway, enjoy the workout! It was a good one. ;) 

Until Next Time,


  1. Just dropping by from the WOW link up!
    Definitely a good workout!!!
    I love deadlifts!
    The shoulder exercises I believe are lateral raises. Front and side) :)
    I hate the one where you bend over, I always feel like I'm doing it so wrong and that one shoulder is stronger then the other by a lot lol

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Deadlifts are one of my absolute FAVORITE moves. Lateral raise, that sounds right. My pregnancy brain seems to be working over time. I have such a hard time remembering things, haha. The butterfly's are extremely hard for me too. I hate them, but I love them. They work the muscles that I need worked for my shoulder.