Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If You Haven't... You Should!

Sorry about the creatively brought to you at the end of the posts, they haven't been showing who has posted them, but I think I fixed that so it should from now on. I, Spicy, have been the one posting. HOWEVER! I am pleased to welcome my Sis Spunky to this blog and she will be posting with me! Yay!

I'm excited if you couldn't tell, and who wouldn't be?!

Who isn't?!

*Glares out at the invisible crowd...*

hmmm... You better be excited! :P

Anyway! We've also had some issues with the comment are, but that is fixed now too! So please feel free to leave us some love with a comment!

On to the REAL reason for this post.

Oh my oreos I get so distracted... hmm....

Oh right, haha.

I have been thinking about Almond Milk for AGES! I can't tell you how long because I honestly don't know... At least since October 2011, probably before then though. My hesitation to buy it came from the fact that it is expensive. If that was all I bought, instead of regular 1% Low Fat Milk, it would still be about $2 more... which is hard for me to justify when we have bills and a baby to worry about and take care of. Today... I bought it.

Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk

Pure bliss and joy in a cup.

Let me also say, it didn't taste like what I thought it would taste like. 

My Mom LOVES Silk Soy milk... I personally think it's nasty. Bleh. I would rather drink regular milk any day... saying that may not mean much until I tell you...

 I don't like regular milk. It's really hard for me to drink. I don't know what it is... 

It's not the milk.

It's me.

I know tons of people who love milk, the Hubs included, but I can only drink a small bit of it at a time unless it's loaded with chocolate milk mix. When then isn't really good for you either.


BUT! The Almond milk was smooth, light, refreshing, not overly sweet, not overly almondy. It was perfect.

Now, you may be asking how I justified buying it. Well... The Hubs and I have our own separate "allowances" for the month.

Cute, right?

It keeps us sane in our world of tight budgets.

This Almond Milk will be coming out of my "allowance" and I bought the smaller carton of milk for The Hubs and for cooking when it's needed. Aside from the price and the inconvenience of having to go to two separate stores, I love it. I'm so excited to try it in my protein shake tomorrow morning, in oatmeal, in cereal, as part of my after run snack. Oh the possibilities!

Oh ya! And another great thing about this new joy of mine... the sugar, carbs, calorie count!I don't typicallly count calories, long story short... it's annoying and a waste of my already limited time. The sugar and carbs are what I count.

Calories - 35 per one cup; Carbs - 1 gram; Sugars - 0.

Yes, I count Sugars and Carbs. Both are essential to losing fat. ESPECIALLY Belly Fat! 

So, if you've been on the fence about trying Almond Milk - Unsweetened. Do it! You will NOT regret it. :)

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