Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Then Two Miles

Week 4, day 2 of C25K was awesome!!! I walk/ran 2.57 miles in 37 minutes!!! I've been averaging 2 miles, but I really wanted to get more then that in and I did! I don't know what the difference was today, but I was just able to go, Go, GO! Yay! I was so happy to see that. My phone says I ran an average of 3.9 mph with a max speed of 7.2 mph. With an average mile speed of about 15 minutes. Yup, that's slow, but it was walk running! Plus, I'm not a fast runner to begin with. However, my average mph up until now has been 3.8. It went up! Sweet! I ran 3 minutes, walked 90 sec, ran 5 min, walked 2.5 min and repeated that. I ran up the small hill near our house and didn't die! However, I definitely need to invest in a jogging stroller. I'm finding myself leaning forward so I can hold the stroller out far enough for my feet and legs or running next to it and trying to hold it with one hand. One of the wheels clicks too, which is loud. LW doesn't seem to mind though. He LOVES my runs.

I am very excited to weigh myself on Saturday! I've been working really hard on my eating this week thanks to my Sis Spunky. I am anxious to see the numbers! I'm really hoping for two pounds. I am going to break through the 160's. I am going to see the 150's! I feel great!

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