Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spicy Saturday: The Right Direction and a New Plan

Well... I'm not quite as happy this Saturday as I was on Monday. I stepped on the scale and saw 161.6 lbs. That is only a .2 pound difference. However, it is still in the right direction. Oh, well... This week is over, time for a new one.

Sis Spunky was telling me about this thing she is doing this next week. She is going to test something out. I instantly asked if she wanted me to join her, I want to be supportive. She said I could and I began to listen. 

Although, I will admit I didn't listen very well.

I have a nasty habit of toning people out, ugh.

Anyway, she sent me the basic instructions and her menu for then next week. I won't be starting it until Tuesday because that is my shopping day and I don't have even half of the things on the menu. But we will see how it goes. It's supposed to help with Belly Fat, which unfortunately our family is prone too, so it couldn't hurt right?

Fingers crossed that it works and I'm not starving in the process.

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