Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Human

That's kind of a dumb statement, huh? I'm human. Of course I'm human! What else would I be!?

Sorry, little tangent there.

I wasn't going to get on here today.

I want this blog to be uplifting and inspiring. Motivating. But I also want it to show that Spunky and I are human. We aren't robots. We aren't perfect. We make mistakes. We have cheat days.

And we have down days.

I'm having one right now.

I can't really tell you why I'm down. It's a mixture of things. I'm sad. I'm sad I'm not at the weight I want to be at, even though I'm on my way there. I'm frustrated there are other people who had a baby about the same time I did and they look better then I do and some started at a heavier weight then I was. I'm frustrated that this journey is SO hard, I know it's totally worth it, but it's hard. I need to run. I'm so much happier on days I run or I can go outside. Unfortunately, due to the fires near my house I can't. It's smokey beyond belief. I was able to run yesterday, thankfully, but I don't think I'll be able to tomorrow, which saddens me. I'm an endorphin junky. Lol. I need my workouts now. That's weird to say. I need my workouts. I'm so much happier when I get my endorphin "fix".

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands. They just don't." (Can anyone name that movie? It's one of the Hubs favorites, no joke. Haha.)

I'll be doing my workout in about an hour, after which I'm sure I'll feel better, but I wanted to post this and show that this journey is more like an adventurous rollercoaster. You'll have your ups and your downs, both in emotions and weight. You're making a LIFE TIME change. In order to stay in the shape your trying to get to or are in now, you have to make a LIFE TIME change. I would say not a momentary change, but it is a momentary change as well. It's all the little moments that make up your life time change. You can have a slip up here and there, but it's the big picture that really counts.

I was a "I messed today up... I'll start on Monday" kind of girl until I started getting really serious about this. Then I realized. Ugh, I messed up that meal, or that snack... I'll do better NEXT MEAL! Not the next day, not the next week, not the next Monday. Right now! If your in the middle of a cookie and remember what your supposed to be doing or realized you've messed up, PUT THE COOKIE DOWN! The Hubs came home one day and found an unwrapped Hershey kiss on the counter next to a line of other wrapped kisses. I quickly explained I had unwrapped the kiss with full intentions of eating it and had it to my mouth, practically inside my mouth, when I told myself no.

Make the decision right now. Stop snacking on that cookie, candy, chocolate, or whatever is healthy. Put it down and make a better choice. It's all the little choices. All the little moments that make up this life time change.

If I can do it. YOU can do it. :) Trust me.


  1. I love you, Spicy! Thanks for being real and ending the post on a challenge not just down side. You could be a monkey!!!

  2. HAHAHA I wouldn't have taken Richard for a Legally Blonde kind of guy. Oh, Elle Woods, thank you for your words of wisdom and sound logic.